Italian court rules vaccines cause autism **edited

….and you won’t hear about this by the totally bought-and-paid-for-Big-Pharma-media in the United States.

As always, the comments are as lively and informative as the article, with a link to this:  dr-tenpenny-on-vaccines/  computer-bots-against-vaccines/10151953988518344

(spaces added to break the link — I loathe fartbook and won’t link to it)

So…they are spreading disinformation via the internet to thwart any open discussion.  This speaks volumes to their products causing harm and the money they stand to lose if people refuse to vaccinate.

What boggles the mind is how many folks are oblivious to our past and how generations of folks survived these diseases due to improved diet and sanitarian conditions — NOT VACCINES!

**edited to add:  I was thinking about the flu vaccine push.  Good Lord, I can’t even go to the grocery without facing three or four ‘Get your flu shot” signs and the other day I was asked by a clerk in a drug store if I had my flu shot!  I told her no, I don’t and won’t because they’re poison.  Yeah, I got “the look”.  Let the intimidation and coercion begin….

You know how they have said that if one gets a vaccine after having the disease, that they are worse off than others?  That they have a high chance of developing chronic illness such as chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, or epilepsy?  Well, when they give these flu vaccines, how do they know which strain of flu you have had in the past??  It’s not like anyone tests you to see if you have already built up immunity to a certain strain of flu.  So I wonder if those who develop severe reactions to flu vaccines have already had that particular strain and react badly because of it?


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