A funny mystery

A funny story came to mind…I thought I’d share to hopefully give someone else a chuckle.

In Fort Wayne, a retired lady in the housing building related this story to me:

When she and her husband still owned their home, she would wait until her neighbor wasn’t home (I think she watched the neighbor’s house while they were away on vacation), and she would plant some perennials somewhere in the yard.

In the Spring, the neighbor would go on and on about these beautiful perennials that just popped up *out of nowhere*.


I would not be able to keep a straight face.  I would give myself away by cracking up.  😀

Things that make you go hmm…

…there *just happens* to be a huge ice storm closing down Mall of America on the exact day of Cyber Monday…

We know that the weather can be controlled now, so it just makes one wonder….

And NBC and Inside Edition both have what appear to be product placement…or should I say nooz placement of Amazon…that goes on and on about their qualities of speed and the volume of orders.  And for some reason, the fact that they have robots helping to fill orders was seen as a positive — they kind of overlooked that those robots took paying jobs away from people…

Things that make you go hmmm….

The real reason behind the France False Flag

I suspected as much…

An attack that witnesses claim was instigated by white men with muscular builds who did not yell, did not have any expression on their faces as they opened fire.

I agree with Naomi Klein that this is an abuse of power.  Enacting Martial Law over the Paris attacks was apparently a way to silence democratic protests against greed trumping the environment that we all share.

Climate summits are not photo opportunities to boost the popularity of politicians.


You cannot drink oil.

You cannot breathe in oil…in coal dust..in particulate…

Plants do not grow in petroleum…and soil is not healthy and rejuvenated with chemicals…

…it shows that they can target people for no reason at all–Domenjoud

It’s all a part of creating the myth that environmentalists are terrorists.  You might recall that is EXACTLY what they were doing in exercises at the Indiana Dept of Health in 2004 — they had a scenario that characterized environmentalists as terrorists.



Alabama Teacher of the Year Resigns: The Backstory, Part I

Here is Part 1 of the back story. It’s a sad tale of the state of the press, the authorities, and education.

deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

On November 20, 2015, I drove from southern Louisiana to central Alabama in order to extensively interview Ann Marie Corgill, the 2014-15 Alabama Teacher of the Year who abruptly resigned on October 30, 2015.

The interview lasted over four hours. I decided to seek a face-to-face interview because I knew I would be asking some pointed questions, and I thought it best to do so in person.

Corgill has an intriguing story to tell, and in a series of posts, I intend to tell it, including information on Corgill’s professional history as a public school teacher in both Alabama and New York; her story about becoming Alabama’s Teacher of the Year, and the detailed circumstances surrounding her resignation, including the media attention.

For this first post, I focus on the how her story became national news.

Indeed, being the one to break the news of the sudden, unexpected departure of…

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Alabama Teacher of the Year Resigns– The Backstory, Part II

Ann Marie is my kind of teacher. I also was more laidback in that I didn’t like treating the kids like they were in the Army. They’re kids! So we get the real story behind the story in that Corgill was not a control freak who was regimented…and the powers that be could not have some renegade going around enabling self esteem in these kids.

deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

On November 23, 2015, I began a series of posts about Ann Marie Corgill, the 2014-15 Alabama Teacher of the Year who resigned from Birmingham City Public Schools effective October 30, 2015. Corgill’s resignation was prompted by notification from the state department of education that the state did not consider her certified to teach fifth grade.

Of course, there is more to the story than a single event leading to a career teacher’s resignation. In this post, I offer more details from Corgill’s story based upon our four-hour interview on November 20, 2015.

ann-marie-corgill-4-e1448507006604  Ann Marie Corgill

Let us go back to the beginning of the 2015-16 school year and Corgill’s decision to leave the affluent Mountain Brook school system for an opportunity to teach at the decidedly non-affluent Birmingham City schools.

(Note: Most of this post is comprised of Corgill’s words, which are indented. My questions and comments are in…

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The pass system: another dark secret in Canadian history

Those that don’t know history are doomed to repeat it…

Warrior Publications

Pass system card 1.pngUnreserved, CBC News, Sunday November 29, 2015

Canadians are becoming increasingly aware of residential schools and their impacts on First Nations people. But many have not yet heard about another system of segregation — one that often kept First Nations confined to their communities.

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Yes, High Health Insurance Deductibles Are Still A Problem

Mike the Mad Biologist

When the PPACA (‘Obamacare’) was being debated, I noted six years ago that the high deductibles made healthcare no more affordable (in fact, I noted this about Romneycare in 2008). This was not only predictable, butpredicted. Which brings us to two items. First, a NY Times report on higher deductibles (boldface mine):

Obama administration officials, urging people to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, have trumpeted the low premiums available on the law’s new marketplaces.

But for many consumers, the sticker shock is coming not on the front end, when they purchase the plans, but on the back end when they get sick: sky-high deductibles that are leaving some newly insured feeling nearly as vulnerable as they were before they had coverage.

“The deductible, $3,000 a year, makes it impossible to actually go to the doctor,” said David R. Reines, 60…

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Dog Treats linked to pet deaths


This got to me because Pookie is a schnauzer, too.  I’d be heartbroken if she died from kidney failure from creeps making poisonous dog food.

The FDA is worthless. Period.  Might as well call them the Department of Big Pharma.

Has anybody else noticed how sick our pets and other animals are?

Since the 90s, I’ve had an epileptic dog, a cat that had a serious lung disorder or cancer (vet didn’t know which); and a cat with diabetes that required insulin.

Is it the GMO’s?  Toxins? Plain old poison in the food?  I mean, we have some sick whackos in Big Pharma that insist their products are safe and effective when people are made chronically ill, such as Lupron/Synarel.  Why would the chemists working for dog food companies blink an eye at toxic pet food?

They use animals for testing products that maims or kills them…so why would they value someone’s pet?

From the comments below the video:

I almost lost my Collie due to the Wagon Train jerky treats. He was throwing up foamy looking stuff and had a seizure. Fortunately, I did some research and saw everyone’s reviews about this treat and made the connection. He hasn’t had anymore jerky and he’s been fine since.–Arielle Sioux


I wish I’d known this before§ My dog died exactly from this stuff 7 years ago, I’m sure of it. Furthermore, after my dog died, I passed the left over uneaten food to my neighbor before I went away for the summer. My neighbor’s dog died before I return home. Both Dogs were older but in healthy condition before they ate this food. My distributer must have known about it because when I returned, the stuff was no longer on the shelves.–Bombast Biniou


And a warning to the humans, as well:

Please be careful about buying ground beef for humans imported from countries known for foot and mouth disease. Our government is allowing it under the new trade laws. This type of warning should be put on our ground beef packages as well!–Mark Rivenbark


Another video has helpful advice:

Dog Food Synthasite here.

This was on their “Dirty Tricks” page:

Dirty tricks: Conveniently placed loop holes in dog food:

  1. Split labels/part labels: This trick makes you think the first ingredient is meat. (always buy labeled meat, bone meal, meal, etc.) It splits an ingredient  so it’s not the more then the meat. Example: chicken meal, corn meal, corn gluten…  But when you add corn meal with corn gluten the total of corn is more then the chicken. It should really look like this: corn meal, corn gluten, chicken meal. A food based on grain or vegetables is very unhealthy for dogs or cats! Dogs and cats need a diet well more then 50% meat based. (labeled meat!)
  2. Not full ingredient: this allows companies to skimp a little on good ingredients without putting it on the label. For example: it may say barley, but only be a certain amount of barely, while the rest of it consists of something less healthy or overly used like soy. So if your dog has an allergy and your looking for a food without allergy causing food you may be deceived and get something that has the allergy causing food in it even thought the label says it doesn’t. Not all companies use this trick but beware of it and ask the company if the allergy causing ingredient is in the food even if you don’t see it on the label.
  3. Price: (this technically isn’t a trick but many people make the wrong decision because of this.)



How the frog slowly boils…

…you remember the story of how a frog will slowly be boiled to death because when it is first put in a pan, the water is room temperature, and then the heat is turned up and up..until…

Well, that’s how I view this.

First of all, what in the world is a pharmaceutical company giving grants got to do with religion??

Secondly, this so-called philanthropy is just another name for bribery….

…only it doesn’t *look* like bribery because it’s to give respite to ministers.

But that is exactly how the Dark Side works — it shows up in sheep’s clothing with a wolf underneath.

That is how Bill Gates gets his foot in the door — so that people will look the other way when faced with his unethical, immoral, soulless, underhanded dealings.

Same with the Clinton Foundation.

Pretty much all of the so-called philanthropy foundations.  It isn’t philanthropy if you expect something in return.  Which all of them do.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.