No More Lies: The Rally against forced vaccination at CDC

There was a rally against the lies that vaccines are imperative for health…but you won’t hear about it from the mainstream media, bought and paid for by pharmaceutical dollars.

Brandy Vaughn, a former Merck representative, has one of the best speeches to date on Big Pharma.  I like the ending, especially, because I, too, feel there is a higher power at hand here in the push against these horrible people.

Brandy gives us a view that we don’t get from Big Pharma Mainstream Media — how much healthier they are in other countries that don’t vaccinate.  Very important information that you won’t get from the PR machine of mainstream media.

She also makes the important point of lawsuits against Big Pharma in other countries by the damage caused from vaccines and specifically the horrible Gardasil….for a disease that women *may* get when they are in their fifties…if they live in a third world country.

Next, we have Tina Kimmel, a research scientist for the California Dept. of Public Health.  If Brandy’s speech blew you away, Tina will be the cherry on top.  She is also an insider who saw how the insistence on forced vaccination (required shots to enter school) was not related to health at all, but to Big Pharma paying off politicians to mandate these horrible drugs.

As she was speaking, the Hep B clinic that the Indiana Dept of Health put on while I was still there flashed in my mind.  We had a two day clinic where anyone whom had eaten at the restaurant that had a worker with Hep B could get a free gamma globulin shot.  People lined up two city blocks’ long for two solid days.  By Tina’s description, it is a blood-borne illness that is difficult to get.  But you don’t hear that from health officials, who should be telling people both sides of the issue — the risks of getting the gamma globulin, as well as the risks of developing the disease.  See, you might get the disease, but your immune system is functioning quite well and you feel a little under the weather, but still go about your normal day.  You don’t realize you have it.

And that is the problem with the hysteria the CDC, Big Pharma, and the media have created.  Many people will be exposed to disease, but they are quite able to fight it off because their immune system is doing well.  The absence of symptoms does not mean a person has never had a disease.  This is important because giving a vaccine to someone whom has had the disease will cause chronic illness.  They have made this correlation with people whom have had measles, mumps, and rubella, and then received the MMR “booster”.  They have the most difficult time with their health afterwards.  Boomers, keep this in mind.


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