Communications 101

You know, I would have loved to gone on to get my Masters and PhD in Communications and taught at the college level…but alas…

Here’s the next best thing, however —

Three really good videos illustrating Communication techniques.

First we have Crow’s very good primer on one of the persuasion principles: belief.  The other is: values.  If you value material things, they have a much easier time of manipulating and motivating you.  People will kill another human being to gain possession of their material things.

Next, we have George W. Bush weaseling out of the responsibility of the White House to inform the public they are watching Video News Releases (VNR):

Note how Bush says the Bush Justice Dept.(that tried to fire all U.S. Attorneys) okayed the Bush Administration VNR’s so long as they are factual…according to the Bush Military Industrial Complex.  And when Ken Herman pushes him on requiring that the media disclose it is a VNR, Bush sidesteps responsibility.

Finally, we have computer generated imagery (CGI) used to deceive viewers.  In the first clip, the man and woman both have characteristic black lines indicating they were put into a scene.  They were probably in a studio in front of what they call a “green screen” that allows a computer to add background scenery later.

They don’t explain a lot in the 9/11 scene, only that they refer to it as a “movie”.  Do they mean that footage was shot,  then was altered, and then given to the media to air later?  I’ll put another video up that explains the media’s role in creating the lie of the planes bringing down the WTC towers.

Robbie Parker is clearly acting.  What a fake.  He’s smiling like he has no cares, and then goes into acting mode.  Good Lord.

When she says “when they rendered it” — she is talking about when they take the raw tape and put it into video editing software.  She says that they just didn’t want to take the time to refine the quality of the video to sharpen the video subjects, which is good for us, I guess, making it easier to spot.

The next one is quite obvious a green screen.  It’s almost laughable how they are trying to pass this off as live reporting in front of the U.S. ship.  So…is this a VNR from the Military Industrial Complex?

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