Only the crooks get jobs…

Reblogging this just to keep it fresh in the mind…


…or it would appear to be the case.  See…. you can steal other people’s work and claim it as your own and you get a position of intellect and prestige.    Be sure to click on the “forged dissertation” link.  Really incredible how she has gotten away with it.

Margaret Raymond, a hired gun, refuses to divulge the names of the charter schools she *cough* studied?  Again, it is really incredible how these people get away with these attacks on public education with no one holding them accountable!

From the Raymond link:

Raymond, who has done extensive work in public policy and education reform, is currently researching the development of competitive markets and the creation of reliable data on program performance.


The “developing competitive markets” raised a red flag….competitive markets….for what, exactly….?  Schools….but it doesn’t come right out and say that because they know people value public education and don’t…

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