Life in the Fast Lane… **edited again

Before I start my blog of a humorous note, I need to say something of a more serious nature:  Long time readers may remember a while back when my blog was suddenly locked up.  Someone had “reported” it to WordPress as violating their rules.   I just wanted to say again that I would never just shut down my blog without telling you.  Along those lines, if my blog suddenly begins to not sound like me….like it’s been hijacked…trust your instincts…trust that sick feeling in your solar plexis and that will tell you whether it’s me or not.  After what I’ve been seeing and reading in the past six months, I don’t put anything past Big Brother.  I’ve seen too many independent thinkers like me be co-opted.  And they absolutely hate the internet because we can connect with each other and call them on their bullsh*t.  They have hijacked the nooz, so we can’t even trust the networks to give a rat’s behind and tell us the truth.  Have Faith, my friends.


Okay, onto more humorous and fun stuff…

This blog is about my adventures in detox, so if that bores you out of your mind…you will want to skip this.

So, it’s been two months since I started coffee enemas and I have to say they are the best thing since…oops, I was going to say “sliced bread”…horrors! gluten!  Um, well, they’re the best thing since…um, well, I’ll think of something…

I never knew my gut could make so many interesting noises… haha.

You get over the “ick” part pretty darn quick because you feel soooo much better!  Seriously!

Chinese medicine holds the theory that the liver affects the emotions.  Anger, in particular, comes from a congested liver.

I can absolutely testify to that as I get a little cranky when my liver is congested and since I have been doing the coffee enemas, I’ve felt better.

I have been doing two per day with four tablespoons of organic coffee in a quart of water, boiled five minutes, then allowed to cool to a comfortable temperature.  I had previously talked about Dr. Gerson’s protocol and how he said we should only be on the right side when doing the enema.  But I have read other blogs of folks doing them, and they tried lying on the back, as well as the left side.  They said they did not experience the issue that Dr. Gerson was concerned about — a racing heart.  I tried it on all sides and I did not find any issues with it, either.  I think it’s just a matter of preference and where you get the optimum liver detox.

In combination with the coffee enemas and juicing carrots, I decided to try Fasting.   Dr. Andrew Hall-Cutler, who developed the heavy metal detox protocol, is against them because he thinks that fasting is too stressful on the body.  So I pretty much put them out of mind, thinking I could never withstand it.

However, I went back to Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride’s GAPS website to refresh my memory and get updates, and found her FAQ’s page very informative with new information that wasn’t in the edition of the GAPS book that I have.  And it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be — I felt a little woozy but surprisingly, my legs were strong (weak legs=adrenal stress for me).

I didn’t feel like I was starving, like I had imagined.  And I could definitely tell that I was detoxing because…I was cranky before the coffee enemas and felt really good afterward. My neck also had that characteristic red rash across my thyroid.  And what they say is true– I felt so energized, it was like whoa! what is this? 🙂

At the same time that my brain felt energized, my body felt tired.  I think this is natural for toxic folk.  I still feel pretty darn good today, but my legs feel like lead. Haha.  I suppose the body is concentrating its energy to the Core and the legs, alas, are getting what’s left over of the energy.

From the FAQ’s page:

I have fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue and have been having trouble with ferments as
well as coconut oil. I heard someone say that people with this illness have more trouble
with ferments. Why is that? I was up to 1 and ¼ tsp of fermented cabbage juice and
when I increased by another ¼ tsp I experienced really bad die-off. After several days, I
started back at ½ tsp of juice and had bad die-off again. I am looking forward to being
able to get to a point where I can eat the cabbage itself. Why do I have to go so slowly?
Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) are the
most difficult conditions to treat. The detoxification system in these people is in complete
collapse. The toxins are not being handled by the disabled detoxification system, so they
impair the function of mitochondria in the cells. Mitochondria are our energy factories in
the body. As they are disabled the person suffers from severe fatigue, which is the main
symptom of these three conditions. The detox system needs energy to function, so the
person is trapped in a vicious cycle of not being able to produce energy or detoxify.
As the detoxification system is disabled, any amount of die-off is poorly tolerated, as die-
off increases toxicity in the body, and there is nobody to handle it. That is why people
with these problems have to go so slowly with increasing probiotics or fermented foods.
Coconut oil has anti-microbial substances and also causes some die-off. Try to modify
your GAPS diet according to your personal needs: move through the stages faster or add
foods which you feel will be good for you earlier, while avoiding those that are difficult
for you to handle at the moment. Please, read my article ONE MAN’S MEAT IS
ANOTHER MAN’S POISON on in the “Resources” section and follow its
recommendations. It may be helpful for you to take digestive enzymes with your meals:
stomach acid at the beginning of the meal and pancreatic enzymes at the end.
Feed yourself very well with meats, fats and well-cooked vegetables for 5 days a week
and then give yourself one day of rest from food – fast for 24-36 hours. For example,
choose Friday as a day of fasting; so, on Thursday skip the evening meal and go to bed
early. On Friday do not eat anything at all, just drink plenty of water. On Saturday have a
normal breakfast and continue eating normally. Repeat this procedure every week. When
we fast, the body has a chance to stop attending to the digestive system and get round to
other jobs, such as restoring your detoxification system. By doing short 24-35 hour fasts
every week you will slowly step-by-step start re-building your ability to detoxify and to
produce energy.
The whole process will be enhanced if you do a full coffee enema on Thursday evening or Friday morning: this procedure will unload your liver, and reduce the flow of toxicity from you gut into the bloodstream. Please, look for the coffee enema procedure in the FAQs (it is important to empty your bowel fully with water enemas
before doing the coffee enema).
My heart goes out to people with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and ME; you
have a real challenge with your health, one of the most difficult ones! The important
thing for you is to never give up and trust your body: your body knows what it needs at
any moment. You need to develop a real connection with your body, to learn to listen to
it and have a deep love and respect for it. Because it is your body that is doing the
healing, not the diet or supplements or anything else! Your recovery process is a
partnership between you and your body. So, don’t try to impose anything on your body
without asking it first if it agrees with that. You body will let you know through feelings:
something that is right for you will feel good. If it doesn’t feel good deep inside you than
don’t do it despite the fact that it may seem like a good idea. Your mind is affected by
many different things and can deceive you, while your body is always right. We have lost
touch with our nature and it takes time to learn to listen to our bodies and our souls. But
as you learn, you will become more and more successful, and not only at your physical
recovery, but many other aspects of life
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is opinion
and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


I don’t think it’s necessary to do the water enema before the coffee enema.  Again, I think it’s a matter of personal choice.

I don’t mind telling you that Dr. Campbell-McBride’s compassion for those with chronic fatigue brought tears to my eyes.  It’s a rarity.  Most folks don’t care or think you just need to snap out of it.

While reading the FAQ’s page, I came across this:

Enuresis (bed-wetting) and polyuria (excessive urination) are common concerns of
parents before GAPS and seem to increase during the early stages of GAPS. Please
Please, read my article on Food Allergy, which explains this issue in detail. Urine is one
of the venues for toxins to leave the body. Abnormal gut flora produces a lot of toxins,
which are excreted in urine. This toxic urine irritates the lining of the bladder and causes
a low grade inflammation there, so the person gets symptoms of chronic cystitis. The
bladder does not want to hold toxic urine, so the person has to empty it frequently. If a
child (or an adult) with this condition is fast asleep, then the bladder may empty without
waking up the person, hence bed-wetting. Die-off increases levels of toxins in the body,
so the urine will become more toxic, exacerbating the problem. It is always important to
control die-off by slow introduction of probiotics and various foods.
GAPS Programme will eliminate this problem long term, as it will remove its cause. In
the meantime do what works to help the situation: drink plenty of water, supplements of
cranberry help to reduce inflammation in the bladder, use various mechanical alarms and
devises developed for enuresis, wake your child up a few times during the night and take
him/her to the bathroom. Foods high in salicylates and oxalates can make the problem
worse, so try to avoid these foods for a while until things get better.
When the natural defences of the mucous membranes of the bladder are damaged by
toxins in the urine, then any infection can join in easily. So people with this problem get
urinary infections frequently which have to be treated with antibiotics. Populating that
area with beneficial flora will prevent urinary infections. So, I recommend applying
homemade kefir or yoghurt all over the groin after showers and baths. Probiotic microbes
will slowly travel up the urethra into the bladder, protect it and help it heal.
I would add “drink plenty of filtered or distilled water” to her advice.  Bad water is just as harmful as too little water.
I almost put this post behind the privacy wall because of what I’m about to say.  It’s a painful period that I had put behind me until reading Dr. Campbell-McBride’s page jogged my memory.
When I was growing up, kids who wet the bed were thought of as mentally retarded or bad kids (who were beaten for it) or just plain lazy.  It was a shameful event that you wanted to just crawl in a hole. Neighborhood kids would be cruel about my condition — bedwetting.
I wanted to put this up because even though I would like to think we have progressed beyond the shame game, after the regression I have seen in the Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush era, something tells me that kids might be once again shamed and punished for something that is out of their control.  Believe me, they don’t want to wet the bed any more than a parent wants them to.  They cannot help it.
When I look at pictures of myself when younger, I was really, really pale.  Dr. Campbell-McBride also notes paleness as an indicator of toxicity.  I think I have been toxic all my life.
Fast forward to teenage years –At about the time that I started exhibiting Endometriosis symptoms, I also began having bouts of cystitis.  The doctor would give me a prescription for antibiotics without even testing for pathogens.  This was also setting me up for leaky gut by destroying the good bacteria in my gut.  And the cystitis was never acknowledged as a possible reaction to toxicity.
I would be in such pain that it hurt to walk across the room.  All I could do was just lay on the couch, staying as still as I could so the jarring pain would go down.
I finally began drinking distilled water and that greatly helped, along with ibuprofen (it had been made over the counter at this time).
It’s interesting to note that while going through this, a nurse had told me that many women found relief after having their first baby.  Our babies detox us…THAT is the reason that the bladder is no longer inflamed!
And when I see those commercials about the “new” disease of bladder urgency…and here’s another freaking pill to take…I just shake my head.  Women don’t know — because their drug-pusher doctor does not tell them — that the reason they are having bladder urgency is because they are toxic and their body is trying to rid itself of the toxins.
Don’t believe me?  Try an experiment just for giggles.  Get a gallon of distilled water.  Drink JUST the distilled water for one day, including using it in cooking if recipe requires water.  See how much your need to go to the bathroom increases.  Of course, this requires you to note how many hours you go in between visiting the restroom, before you experiment.   You will likely go more often.  This is because distilled water is the purest form of water and is relatively free of toxins.  Once you give your body this wonderful stuff, it will gladly start shedding toxins.
**edited to add:  If you begin juicing, you will also note the same urgency to use the restroom.  Again, it’s your body detoxing.
Another note I’d like to make — if you go on the website, Dr. Campbell-McBride advises using chlorella to detox.  Her degrees are in neurology and nutrition, so I trust her advice there, but Dr. Andrew Hall-Cutler’s PhD is in Chemistry, so I trust him to have better information and he says not to take chlorella if you suspect heavy metal poisoning.  The reason is that it will grab the mercury and move it around the body, where it will do more damage.  He says you need two thiols to grab the mercury and move it out of the body, and chlorella only has one thiol….so it just kind of pushes the mercury around.
Lastly, I leave you with Dr. Campbell-McBride’s thoughts on doctors and nutrition:
Many parents who show the GAPS diet to their paediatricians are told that the diet is
too low in carbohydrates and this can be harmful to the child?
There is no training in nutrition in medical schools, so generally your doctor knows no
more than any lay person, who derives their knowledge about food from food industry
advertisements in the mainstream media. The nutritional dogma, dominated by “science”
funded by food industry, has pronounced proteins and fats as evil, so there was nothing
else left to replace them but carbohydrates. So, the population has been subjected to
decades of propaganda that we all need lots of carbohydrates, and doctors were
brainwashed just as much as everybody else. Strictly speaking carbohydrates are the only
macro-nutrient, without which humans can live perfectly well in good health. But we
cannot live without proteins and fats, which have been vilified by the nutritional
Amen to that.  I cannot believe the USDA is *still* recommending a diet heavy in grains!
Be well, my friends.
P.S. — Did you all get my joke of “Fast” lane ??  Haha.
**edited to add:  please see my post on the connection between fasting and a rise in glutamates.  This is a problem if one is suffering from inflammation; also it is a problem for those exhibiting autistic symptoms and epilepsy.

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