Terry Kath, another talented musician


I remember hearing of Terry Kath’s death on the radio.  He was a soulful vocalist and guitar player for the band Chicago, born January 31, 1946.  The news announcer said he was playing “russian roullette” with a gun when it went off.  That was not true–he didn’t realize the gun was loaded.  What a terrible loss.

Someone put together a pretty decent video of Terry:

He touched so many lives and he lives on…

Want to know a surprising thing?  Terry couldn’t read music.

If today’s education gurus were to judge little Terry Kath by his inability to read music, he would be forever labeled “stupid” and put into a black hole, never to realize his potential because some hedge fund manager/education profiteer decided he had no potential because he couldn’t identify musical notes on paper.  And we all know how powerful his musical ability was—what a waste that would…

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