All the Nooz that’s fit to Fake…

You know, the other morning ABC Nooz had featured a soap opera type broadcast that was asking how Hillary Clinton was going to approach the debate…instead of asking tough questions of Clinton as well as the other candidates.

Issues such as TPP, which Clinton now says she’s against (hmmm…wasn’t she for the Iraq War, with a smile on her face, “casting her vote with conviction”,  and then against the war when it was grossly apparent that the American public had been lied to about weapons of mass destruction and other b.s.) …so now she’s against TPP.  Oh, and Keystone, even though while in charge of the State Dept, she had the oil industry write a report saying we had to have Keystone…

And what about the media creating hysteria about Iraq and WMD?

…and “what difference does it make” Benghazi…Americans died, and she was ultimately responsible for ignoring pleas of help from the American Embassy…that’s why it matters, Hillary.  Of course, she claims ignorance that she did not know what was going on in Benghazi leading up to the attack, but if that is the case,  we have two problems with that — One being the people under her were incompetent in that they not only ignored Stevens’ pleas for armed protection, but the State Dept. pulled military personnel away after being informed there was mounting violence; Two– if Clinton cannot run a State Dept., how will she be able to run an entire country??

…and then there’s the whole lie about dodging bullets in Bosnia.  The whole thing is so ridiculous that it reminds me of a Saturday Night Live skit.  Freaking hilarious.

And let’s not forget the footage of what REALLY happened (snarky, for sure):

If you have seen Wag the Dog (the movie), the child greeting Clinton is most likely staged.  And no, I don’t trust Clinton to be the one to answer that 2 a.m. phone call.   When she was put under fire for once again lying, she claimed sleep deprivation…well, if she is that incompetent with sleep deprivation, then I don’t want her anywhere near the nuclear button at 2 a.m.

And it’s from someone who wants to lead this country? Hell No.

So…with that in mind…

I found some videos you all might consider interesting.  It’s not like I didn’t know that there were powerful PR firms at work trying to spin the media…but I am still caught off guard by the following.  Thankfully, there are some sharp characters out there that caught these paid actors:

The nose is different for the Sandy Hook “actor”…it appears to be a fake nose, however, by the difference in skin color on the sides.  Your take may be different.

I’m watching this, and thinking “what’s the point?”   Santilli seems to think it is to keep details of it out of the TV broadcast.  Why?

Here’s another one on crisis actors and the recent “shooting” of the TV anchor:

Perhaps you don’t believe this stuff is made up, but the following commentary is amusing, if nothing else.  And I agree that the folks just don’t seem that broken up about a family member being shot to death.  I would not be giving TV interviews if a family member were shot.  I would be in shock.  The comments, as always, are interesting.  They brought up the fact that the church was opened up five days later.  If there were that much blood, it would be classified as hazardous and no one would be allowed in until the carpeting was ripped up.  And as they said, it would be considered a crime scene.  And they picked Dylan up a little too conveniently, don’t you think?

I agree that even if you know someone is going to pass soon, it does not make it easier. As he said that, I thought about my own Mom’s passing.  I knew she was going to go at any time, and I still bawled my eyes out at her passing. So, yeah, that makes sense.

I have the same questions the narrator in the latter video brings up:  where are the bodies?  If these people have been “disappeared”, where are they now?   A nice place in the Bahamas?  The bottom of the ocean?  The moon?


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