Vandana Shiva

Reblogging this — once again, the AG media slanted towards corporate, instead of family farms and fails to give both sides of a story, a la the Fairness Doctrine that Reagan destroyed. In this morning’s slam piece, an official from India states that they cannot get good farm help…that in India “there is too much government handouts and they don’t want to work…” Unfreakingbelievable. We know that India has suffered from Bhopal and the steadfast refusal of Union Carbide to clean up its own mess (or not make the mess to begin with). Environmental toxins can render one chronically ill. Additionally, farm work that requires one to be around massive amounts of glyphosate, like RoundUp, can cause one to become ill. And once you lose your health, you’re done.
What I want to know is…who is paying the Ag News to promote this garbage? Monsanto?


More from the organic farmers’s group–this article on Vandana Shiva, an intelligent, feminist activist who is a delight to watch whenever she appears on DN!   She doesn’t back down and she has sound arguments to all the corporate-speak.

From the article:

Why do you refer to the term seed slavery?

In another time, some people thought it was alright to own other people as slaves. In our times some corporations think it is alright to own life on earth through patents and intellectual property rights (IPR). Patents are granted for inventions, and life is not an invention. These IPR monopolies on seeds are also creating a new bondage and dependency for farmers who are getting trapped in debt to pay royalties. This is why 270,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide.


Be sure to click on the Puztai link.  Wow. This falls under  “if you have nothing to hide…” …

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