The dark side of medicine

Reblogging this — I”m pretty sure this is not the same video that I viewed before, but wow is it a good piece on the sordid history of psychiatry. And I wish that they had brought up George W. Bush torturing people. The scene with the psychiatric attendants pouring water over the so-called patients reminded me of waterboarding.
Why can’t we get this right? Why can’t we find a way to take care of those whose minds are too far gone and can’t take care of themselves, versus those who are criminally misdiagnosed so psychiatrists can torture them, abuse them, or profit off of their incarceration? I don’t know that the profit thing is happening here, but given everything else Big Pharma is doing with vaccines, with them pushing to have them forced –and as we have seen with Lupron and Synarel…we have people who are injured for life while Big Pharma lies about what their drugs have done while making huge profits. Did you catch the chilling statement at about 31:00? It said that poisons were administered to people disguised as medicine…! Utterly chilling.


I happened upon this video while looking up a video on mercury poisoning~

I have seen Big Pharma reps first hand in how they market the drugs.  It is illegal to take a doctor to lunch, so they get around that by having ‘information sessions” ….and just happen to have it during the lunch period…where they buy lunch for the staff attending.  They also bring plenty of notepads, pens, clocks, etc., with the “new” drug’s name emblazoned upon it so the doctor/nurse/clinician will be subjected to advertising every time they use the pen, notepad, and glance at the clock…

It is encouraging that sales reps from Big Pharma are speaking out.    Note that Shane Ellison, a former researcher at Eli Lilly, is also in this video.  If you recall, I wrote about his book debunking the cholesterol = heart attack myth and the dangerous side effects of drugs that…

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