Karin Klein, Lupron victim, and judges on the take…

I’ve had some more time to plow through Lynne Millikan’s Lupron Victims Hub website.…and my head is swimming after only a few clicks on links.

Lynne sent a letter to Michelle Eby at the FDA on Lupron and its horrible side effects.  In it, Millikan asks for the data supporting Eby’s decision that no action would be taken against Lupron, even though there are life-changing side effects including death.  This Freedom of Information letter was sent in March 2014, over 16 months ago, and Millikan has not received a reply.

Millikan also links to a report on the resignation of Dr. David Wright, who was in charge of checking out research integrity and plagiarism in science at Health and Human Services.  He resigned after just a short time there due to the inability to do his job.  He was thwarted at every turn, it appears.  So you can show this as an example of why we should not blindly follow scientific research as the “final answer” when it is known that people of integrity want nothing to do with the very organization set up to ensure research is corroborated and examined for flaws, biases, and honesty.  Be sure to read the comments from fellow researchers and scientists who know Dr. Wright and admire his integrity.  Gah, why is it always the ones who have integrity that are forced to quit?  Ahem.

Next, we have an interview with Lupron victim Karin Klein.

In it, she explains how evidence against Abbott Labs was hidden from trial and how the judge was allowing Abbott to enter all of its evidence, while disallowing Klein to put forth all of her evidence against Abbott and Lupron.  The interviewer, Rose Colombo, is an advocate of justice for all, and she remarks that the denial of Constitutional rights is across the country.  Judges are disallowing evidence to be brought forth or advocating for the defendants (in this case, the pharmaceutical companies).

Karin goes on to say that Abbott claimed that side effects were temporary…they are not.  They also removed black box warnings of bone density loss and permanent thyroid damage.  She says that one woman became blind because of Lupron.  Good Grief.  You can hear the shock and horror in the “Oh My God” after Karin discloses this…

But, wait, there’s more!

Abbott Labs was convicted of bribery and conspiracy fraud in regards to Lupron!

And yet, they are still allowed to continue as a huge mammoth company.

And yet they are still allowed to sell this horrible product that creates illnesses and does not cure any illness at all.

Karin mentions connections to the mob.  You know, it flashed into my head after hearing of Dr. Jeff Bradstreets’ murder that it stank of the mafia.  We have several natural doctors that suddenly died in a short time span…

…and we also have John “Jack” Wheeler, a Vietnam veteran, honorable man who served in government for decades, who was murdered…

…we have doctors being bribed with $100.000 a year to prescribe Lupron.  And Abbott lab just adds that money back into the price of the drug, as Karin testifies that it costs $600 per injection.  Think of that the next time you hear that they have to price these drugs so high in order to make a profit and cover research costs.  Research costs, my arse!  the link to the doctors’ payments website here.

…we have Karin’s father threatened with being thrown in jail so they can thwart his testimony of his daughter’s suffering!

…we have a judge hiding evidence in his chambers until the statute of limitations has run out and then orders Karin to pay Abbott!

….we have Abbott allegedly offering Karin’s attorney his attorney fees to drop the case…

If that’s not the mafia, I don’t know what it is…

You know, if I had heard this story prior to my own, I would not have believed it.  I know what they are saying is true by the judge in my hometown who had the clerk shut off the recording device during the hearing with the sleazebag debt buyers.  He also interfered  by answering for the sleazebag.when I asked direct questions.  Then he ordered my wages garnished even though I was averaging $200 per month, with a rare month of $300.  Usury.  On top of all of this, the clerk refused to answer my questions when I called, and even hung up on me…just for asking questions…not in a rude manner, mind you, just wanting information.  She said I would have to travel to town, an hour and ten minute round trip….gas money I did not have.

Next, I found the following video on an actual journalist doing her job:

Oh, my God, I had forgotten about the panic attacks!  After the heart attack which I now know was caused Synarel, not Seldane, I began having serious panic attacks.  I would be out shopping and would feel so overwhelmed I would have to leave the store.  I would leave a cart full of products and race out of the store!  I remember telling myself to just breathe, just breathe.  I never knew when one was coming on. It was hard to explain any of this to anyone, because no one understood what I was going through.  Bless those around Karin whom have supported her.

By the way, Synarel is made by Pfizer, and has the same effect on shutting down the pituitary as Lupron.

As you listen to the report, and Abbott’s response, you see the slick PR machine where they claim the victim is a hypochondriac, in so many words.  I think the wildly held (and wrong) belief that women are hypochondriacs contributes to them not being believed, especially when it involves emotional stuff, like panic attacks.  Thank you, Sigmund Freud, for classifying women as hysterical, emotional beings that are not to be believed.

I can’t help but think that the reason Abbott and Pfizer, et al, have gotten away with this is because of the misogyny not only in the medical profession, but in law, as well.  Just the other day, a female judge put a domestic violence victim in jail because she refused to come to court to testify against her abuser.  The victim testified of her fear of this man, and the judge put HER in jail!!


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