Unborn babies a part of massive vaccine experiment?

Vaccine Impact News has a sobering report up on pushing pregnant women to get vaccines…even though they have not been proven to be safe nor effective. We all know that whooping cough occurs in folks WHO HAVE BEEN VACCINATED.

Not only that, we know that vaccines have actually caused miscarriages…and the CDC denied there was a connection even though miscarriages went up 700 percent after vaccinations were pushed on women.

Finally, the stories of harm caused by vaccines and by parents whose rights to decide what happens to their children is denied.   Big Brother is here, folks.  Big Brother knows what is best for its bank account, er, I mean Big Brother knows what is best for your child.  *cough*  *cough*  And Big Brother will force EVERYONE to be vaccinated in case of a bioterrorism event without your consent and without consideration of any health conditions that caused a severe reaction to previous vaccinations, as the RN, a health professional, below:


Date Posted: Sep 24, 2015
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. I am a nurse and required by the hospital to get the flu shot, if not, then I will be terminated. In 2013 I received the shot. With in hours, on the side of my cancer and radiation, it was red and hot. I was hospitalized for 3 days, went home with a PICC line and a pig tail drain under my arm pit. I was on high dose antibiotics for 4 months. I filled out the declination to not get the shot due to this reaction and I was denied. I took the mist and started to react again. Again I was put on high dose antibiotics. This year, once again I filled out the declination and again have been denied. I truly believe I am putting my life at risk with doing this and possibly going on high dose antibiotics again. I’m scared and frustrated over a vaccine that may or may not cover the strain that bay be out this year.

This is outrageous!  She should not have to choose between earning a living and her health…her very life!

Another similar story here;


Date Posted: Sep 23, 2015
I am an RN. I have a medical issue that my family practice MD has signed an exemption for me. I am waiting to hear if I am approved. The anxiety I feel is tremendous. If I am declined I will be out of a job and I am the sole provider for myself and my family. In the mean time I keep being told by my manager to go get the flu shot it is being offered etc. I don’t feel I want to discuss my personal health reason as to why I am not going for the vaccination. Also when you get your shot the hospital gives you a badge to wear on your name badge to identify you as having received the flu shot. I feel this is like the Scarlet letter if you haven’t been immunized. Please tell me what can I do to not lose my job, house etc?
Scarlet letter, indeed.  Perhaps we who are against forced vaccines should make up our own badges saying that we refuse to be Sheeple and can decide for ourselves what goes into our own bodies? Perhaps it should be a sheep with a big X on it?  Or a “Mr. Yuck” sign (used to identify poisons)…oh, the irony…!  Or maybe a gravestone…?
The benefits of contracting disease that you never hear from the Big PHarma paid media.
I’ve noticed a subtle bias in TV programs that don’t appear on the surface to be promoting group think, but nevertheless…
For example, I sometimes watch “Monsters Inside Me” — a program on the National Geographic Channel.  National Geographic used to be a respected and fair scientific entity, but I see that they have swallowed the koolaid, too.  They had a program on the other day of a person having a parasite.  The program narrator erroneously stated that the body cannot handle parasites on its own.  This is bull.  They even stated as much when later in the program, the parasite had lodged in the brain…and DIED AS A RESULT OF THE BODY’S IMMUNE RESPONSE.  Therefore, the body can and does take care of parasites…when it is healthy enough to mount a defense, which in this case was inflammation.  The inflammation caused brain swelling, which in turn caused the patient, a doctor himself, to become ill.
…and what was at the heart of the doctor’s getting this parasite?  Guess, just guess.
Hygiene!  They had eaten salad at a restaurant that had somehow chopped up snails into the salad.  Snails were the carrier of the parasite.  If they had washed the salad beforehand, none of this would have happened.  Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene.
That is another reason we should protest against factory farming.  Hygiene is compromised so much that they have to inject antibiotics into the beef, chickens and pigs in order to keep them healthy.  This is not natural nor healthy.  It is linked to our growing resistance to antibiotics.  This in turn compromises our guts by destroying good bacteria and allowing candida to grow unopposed, destroying our immune response.   Throw GMO’s on top of this, and you’ve got a mess that can’t be easily cleaned up.  Everything is connected.

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