More stories of parents and vaccine recipients…

Reading more on the NVIC website…these stories fly directly in the face of the CDC/Big Pharma claims that vaccines don’t cause injury and suffering and even death:

Date Posted: Sep 10, 2015
Both of my children have had vaccinations since childbirth and are all up to date on all vaccinations up until this point. I stopped giving them flu vaccinations years ago after they both would get severely sick all winter afterwards and even ended up getting both Influenza A and B one winter. The last two times my daughter received a flu shot she started having anxiety and depression at a young age and “never felt good”. At the point I decided to do my own investigation into vaccinations and found out what they had in them and how it effects the immune system in a bad way and can mess with all bodily systems.
Since then I no longer have my kids get vaccinations and they have been very healthy and happy. At my daughter’s yearly Dr. checkup and sports physical I was asked about getting her Tdap, HPV and meningoccocal vaccines. I told the doctor that she is not going to get any of them at this point.
The doctor then tried to tell me that I needed to leave the room so she could talk to my daughter in private. I said No. The doctor then asked if my daughter wanted me to stay or leave (Dr. said it was up to my daughter, not me).
I stayed and got the run around about how my daughter needed to get her vaccinations. I told the Dr. that I know what is in vaccinations and have done a lot of research into why they are not good . The Doctor then told me how naive of a parent I am and that where ever I get my information is not correct. The doctor then went on to tell me how I am putting my daughter at grave risk of getting HPV and meningitis. The Doctor just walked out of the room in disgust.
My daughter said she felt very uncomfortable and never wanted to see that Dr. again. I have since ran into other doctors at office visits that focus so much on vaccinations and have given me an earful and have raised their voices at me for not getting a flu vaccine or Tdap. This bullying needs to stop! the doctors need to be educated about the dangers of vaccines and stop listening to Big Pharma pushing drugs into their laps for Big money.
…and the parents and patients need to have full disclosure of how much these bullies are receiving from Big Pharma to lie and intimidate people.
Date Posted: Sep 10, 2015
After returning to America with my 13-month old adopted daughter, our family pediatrician insisted she “start over” and get “caught up” on all her vaccines. I presented him with her Chinese vaccination record which was up-to-date. He refused to recognize and respect it as a valid document in an ignorant display of ethno-centricity. I questioned him about the safety and necessity; he laughed callously. His medical attitude was “it wouldn’t hurt” to repeat all previous vaccinations, AND get the current ones required to attend school. My child weighed 14 pounds, was malnourished, dehydrated and had tonsillitis at the time of inoculation. They could not get any blood out of her to test for hepatitis and TB because she was so thin and underweight. After getting 5 vaccinations that day, she developed viral encephalitis, fever, a severe rash all over, and was taken to ER because she wouldn’t stop screaming.
Diagnosed with autism at age 3. Today, at age 13, she is non-verbal with intellectual disability and severe, intractable self-injurious behavior. I would trade the decision to allow my baby to be vaccinated for all the childhood diseases they are intended to prevent. It may sound overly dramatic, but from a mother’s viewpoint, these pediatricians are the modern world’s Dr. Josef Mengele (The Angel Of Death) experimenting on children and resulting in unspeakable horrors for so many innocents.
Welcome to America…land of the free…*cough*
Date Posted: Aug 27, 2015
For the first time I experienced what I would call “bullying” about a vaccine. I was recently with my daughter at Northwestern Univ hospital in Chicago for the birth of her first baby. She had a difficult labor that was followed by an emergency C-section. She wanted a natural birth and through no choice of her own needed Pitocin, an epidural, two types of antibiotics, and then the C-section with more anesthetics. She was worried about what her baby had experienced with all this, and was exhausted and sore when approached on having the newborn given the Hepatitis B vaccine on the first day. She declined. The next day two more staff approached her about it and she declined. On the third and final day, a pediatrician came and gave a lengthy explanation about Hep B vaccine for the benefit of her resident.
It was clear that a newborn or young child does not have any of the risk factors for this condition. Before being discharged she was asked again if the baby had received the vaccine. She was told they would release her but wanted her to go to a pediatrician associated with the hospital the next day to “have the baby weighed.” So my poor daughter dragged herself out of the house when she should have been in bed recovering, and we took the child to the doctor. He was fine.
Meanwhile, 3 TIMES during that short visit the issue of the vaccine was brought up, one nurse saying “the baby will probably get the vaccine during this visit.” My daughter declined and explained that her infant son was hardly sexually active or sharing drug needles. Fortunately the doctor said that the Hep B vaccine was offered to newborns as a “convenience” and could be postponed for a couple of months. When that time comes, she will decline once more. We wondered how much this teaching hospital is being paid to have a high vaccine administration record. And we felt sorry for the many parents (and their babies) who would not be able to withstand the pressure from medical staff.
Absolutely.  The pressure to conform instead of thinking for oneself is evident.  Not too many folks will stand up to what amounts to bullying and assault.  I have read of babies being vaccinated without the parents’ consent.  Yes, I agree with the parent that these health professionals and/or hospitals are probably receiving kickbacks from Billion dollar profiteers, Big Pharma.
Date Posted: Aug 26, 2015
Today I took my 4 year old daughter in for a visit with her doctor, Dr. Lata Shridharan, located in Plano Texas. She had developed a rash, most likely related to an environmental allergy, but wanted to be on the safe side. I made the choice to stop vaccinating my children after my youngest daughter, now 3, developed severe allergies and an auto immune disorder from an overload of mercury in her system due to vaccinations. I was even advised by the doctor to stop vaccinating because of what the next vaccine could do to her. (I want to be clear this advice came from a different doctor who we were seeing at the time, we had to stop seeing this doctor because we were cash pay and he was too expensive) Therefore, I made the choice to stop vaccinations all together.  
With this said, as I was checking out of my daughters appointment today, I went to schedule another appointment for my youngest daughter. They rudely, in front of a waiting room full of people, shut a window in my face and told me they would no longer see me because of my choice to not vaccinate my child. I then asked them for more details because they had known all along of my choice. This did not seem to bother them when I was a cash pay patient, but now that I have medicaid, it is a problem. I am so over the government trying to be the parent to my child!!!
Perhaps we should start naming names as this parent did — to warn other parents of doctors that bully and deny a patient the right to informed consent!!
More here from an observant mother — unfortunately, it was only after her two other children were injured that she refused Gardasil:
Date Posted: Aug 23, 2015
The last time that I took my 17 year old son (who is fully vaccinated) to the pediatrician, the doctor was very insistent that he get a gardasil shot and gave his sales pitch as to why he needed it and how I was putting him at risk if I refused. I kept questioning him as to why anyone would need this shot given that so many girls have received the series of 3 shots and have died or become disabled. I also questioned him about why a boy would need this, as they don’t have a cervix.
He then stormed out of the exam room and presented me with a form entitled: “Refusal to Vaccinate” and said, “If you don’t allow your son to get this vaccine, you have to sign this and it becomes part of his permanent record”. I told him right out that that’s not going to happen.
He wouldn’t even acknowledge my existence at this point and was talking to my son for the rest of the appointment. My son already has ADHD, which was diagnosed when he was 3 years old and is on a stimulant drug for attentional issues at school. His older brother has severe, non-verbal autism and will require life-long care. Their older sister actually received the series of 3 gardasil shots when she was 14 and has since suffered from depression and generalized anxiety.
Date Posted: Aug 07, 2015
My daughter has been rejected care from her pediatrician due to the fact that I have refused to vaccinate her. At her Six month well baby check up my daughters pediatrician asked me to seek care elsewhere because I did not wanted to follow their policies to vaccinate or use the sick baby room each time my daughter came for an appointment, even though she may not be ill, because she was a danger to her vaccinated patients. I asked the pediatrician to provide me a copy of such policy in order for me to avide the rules.
She furiously refused to show me anything and stated that was her rule like it or leave. She informed front office staff to not schedule next visit because I was not welcomed anymore. I did my appointment with another pediatrician but the following day the pediatrician I had scheduled with asked me to seek services elsewhere because he didn’t feel comfortable with us! Of course I asked for a letter in writing or I will continue to come for the next scheduled appointment. I am currently waiting for the letter!
Date Posted: Aug 06, 2015
When I took my son in for his fifteen month shots, I DEMANDED “thimerosal-free” vaccines and declined further Prevnar vaccine due to its contents. I didn’t know other vaccines contained thimerosal at that time, and the doctor, Patricia Ashley who was then with Pediatric Associates of Dallas, got very ANGRY with me and disgusted. She then said she had to leave the room. When she came back she said “okay.” I asked, but she LIED. Then I asked about adverse events and she said “Only one in a million,” but I still said, “that one in a million is still somebody’s child.” She got perturbed at that. I asked if it were safe to give multiple vaccines and she said perfectly safe. MY son got four vaccines. I would find out MONTHS later she lied about the ingredients and failed to give me informed consent. My son regressed immediately. It looked to me like he had had a stoke. he immediately lost all speech. This snowballed into myriad neurological and medical problems. He developed an immune disorder NOS, a metabolic disorder NOS, and one year after the event he was diagnosed at a UT Southwestern pediatric neurological clinic with “Heavy Metal Intoxication.” The neurologist admitted what had happened but admonished us not to go around saying this as “that is not well received at this institution.” He let us know they rely heavily on pharma money. Our son exhibited many signs of mercury poisoning. His baby teeth demineralized. He was chronically sick for nine long years. When I confronted this doctor about the vaccine ingredients I asked, “Was there thimerosal in those vaccines after all?” She LAUGHED and said “WEll, uh..yes.” She thought it was FUNNY! After this we were treated abominably at that clinic. We were not allowed to be in the regular waiting room as they didn’t want us speaking to any other parent. they abandoned our son’s care. Evidently when Dr. Ashley left the room that day, she conferred with her superior as to what to do about my request for thimerosal-free. I can’t say who that was, but this is the same clinic run by Dr. Susan Hubbard who since loves to go on TV and around the country saying she will “fire” any parent who does not let them vaccinate on their schedule. I would have given ANYTHING if they had given me the choice to hit the door running. I would have done so if I’d been informed that there was mercury in those shots and if I’d known there had never been any synergistic safety studies for giving multiple shots in one day. I would have also run if I’d known the autism rates were at that time 1:650 rather than the 1:1,000,000 that she reported. She failed to report my son’s reaction to VAERS. We had to do it. It was beyond obvious they didn’t care about our son’s health anymore – and in reality they never cared about it enough to tell the truth or give me the right to know what was in those shots. She got off Scott-free. A lawyer said we couldn’t even sue her for lying. She moved to S. Carolina and went on with her life. Our lives were changed forever and our son will have issues his whole life. Due to her I do not trust doctors anymore. They ahve to earn my trust but I do not give it to them easily. due to our son’s helath, we have had to rely on doctors and hosptials, but it is very nerve racking when you alwsy have to be afrid they won’t honor his lifetime medical exemption. antoehr doc actually still tried to bully me into giving him H1N1 during that fake scare. In retaliation for me declining it, he came up with a “new policy” where he refuses to file secondary Medicaid. Yes, we now have to rely on secondary medicaid as our son’s medical problems broke us years ago. It is a CRIME what vaccine damage is doing to children and their families. so for the first part of the year, until we reach our deductible, we have to drive 35 miles away to a doc who will file secondary medicaid.
And the horror stories keep on coming — these doctors think they are God and have the authority to decide what goes into someone else’s body.  It is mindblowing.  I admire these parents for standing up to this bullying and intimidation.  I was not so strong back in the day, but fortunately, my kids only got a third of what they are putting into kids now.  And even then, my daughters’ pneumonia and pneumonitis around the time of vaccination were most likely reactions.  And I see in the links provided in the previous post that scoliosis is a known side effect of vaccines.  One of my daughters has scoliosis.
Date Posted: Aug 06, 2015
I’m a mother of two beautiful girls. Back in 2001 when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter I researched my options on vaccines. As I continued reading more on this sensitive topic I leaned toward opting out and taking a homeopathic way for my daughter. When my daughter was 6 weeks old I took her in for a checkup and as the nurse told me that my child would receive several shots I informed her that I was refusing and would not give my daughter any vaccines.
They had me waiting over 45 mins for the doctor to enter the room. I could tell right away that he was upset when he entered the room. He then proceeded to lecture me on the benefits of vaccines and how I need to follow the laws of state of California. He stated” that as a parents it’s my duty to the best for my child and vaccines are the only way to ensure that”. He continued to raise his voice and tell me that only horrible parents and stupid parents choose not too give vaccines.
He told me go back to college and get an education because I’m a horrible parent and I’m only hurting my daughters health. Being a first time mom and a young mother I felt scared and doubted myself in the moment, but I was not giving in I just couldn’t give my precious baby something that could possibly injury her.
The doctor continued to rant and rave I packed up my baby’s belongings and just walked out the room and he followed me into the waiting room and yelled at me that I’m a horrible parent in the lobby.
I was in tears and full of embarrassment. Since then every time I take my children to the doctor I always get the talk that you need to educate yourself on all the benefits and my response is what about the children that have reactions and injury from recieving a vaccination. They always say that I’m putting my children in harms way. I respond I’m just doing my best for my children and it’s my job to be there advocate. I still belive today I’m made the right choice.
Bravo, young mama.  ::stands clapping::  You probably just saved your child from a lifetime of health issues including autism ADHD, and a compromised immune system just to name a few.

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