More evidence of coverup by TAP/Abbott Labs of Lupron devastating side effects **edited again

Lynne Millican, who started the Lupron victims hub after her own devastating health decline from Lupron, has a link to a legal brief that spells out how TAP/Abbott Labs have hidden their responsibility in harming  many, many women. ( **edited to add:  It’s interesting that I never saw Pfizer mentioned in links about Synarel.  My bad, I thought Abbott also made Synarel, but it is manufactured by Pfizer.  And no, I have not found lawsuits against Pfizer for Synarel.  Not that it means much, because we know that the pharmaceutical companies will pay out $$$ to people they have harmed, but keep it quiet with gag orders.)

As with most Big Pharma, they want all of the profits and none of the liabilities.  They sought to keep secret all of the known chronic illnesses their drug, Lupron/Synarel cause.  They have had several lawsuits settled with a gag order so the victims could not speak out to tell the other women of their irreversible illnesses brought on by these horrible drugs.

This is a violation of these women’s constitutional right of free speech.  They have the victims where they want them — they are most likely broke because the illnesses caused by these horrible drugs make it impossible for them to earn a living.  Broke means desperate to get a settlement so they can treat their illnesses and have somewhat of a normal life, so they agree to keep silent.  The gag order means that TAP/Abbott Labs can go on poisoning people, making big bucks, and walking away when the woman starts to suffer chronic illnesses that are known to be caused by Lupron/Synarel.

By the way, Millican mentions Jay Hancock of the Baltimore Sun being threatened by these thugs.  I did a quick search of Jay Hancock…guess where he is now?  Just guess.  He is now part of Big Pharma/Big Medicine by joining Kaiser Health.  Yep.

Back to the Millican brief:

3 only, and enacted label changes to warn of the risks of diabetes, heart attack, sudden cardiac death and stroke.
19 The 2011 review of Lupron’s use in women for endometriosis sent to FDA by Dr. Redwine details “an
unacceptable risk-benefit analysis” and included gross evidence of data manipulation, and “definitive evidence of long-term damage to ovarian function… resulting in a body-wide premature aging process that would explain many of the long-term symptoms that many women experience after Lupron therapy” 20
This just makes me want to cry.  Up until the past few years, people used to think I was younger than I was…now I look older than I am.  Each migraine ages me…I saw that even before I found this website.  Now I know why.  **edited to add:  Not only do they age me, but I also lose five pounds in a 48 hour period.  Sometimes I have lost ten pounds with a migraine!  The weight comes back after the crises is over.  And then the whole cycle begins all over again.
A Kafkaesque milieu exists whereby most physicians are unaware of and deny Lupron’s risks (“the success Abbott has had in deceiving the profession [is] by hiding unfavorable data and manipulating data, aided and
abetted by paid ‘experts’ who influence the profession”21), and in which Congress and DOJ and FDA’s failure to substantively act for the protection of the consumer, and the Courts allow, affirmand are oblivious tothe disinformation campaign of Lupron’s alleged ‘safety and efficacy.
The FDA has known about this for awhile, according to the website.  Here they have acknowledged as much of what I have suffered.  And the most disgusting part of this?  These drugs don’t even do what the manufacturer claims — Endometriosis is not cured by it — the Endo comes back as soon as the drug is stopped.  So it is not a cure, but only manages symptoms.  This is not healing.  I am pretty sure that my Endo was brought about by heavy metals — at the time I began having symptoms, I was exposed to lead, arsenic, and mercury from coal dust in the tender teen development years.  It is likely linked to gluten, as well.
There was a case against TAP/Abbott Labs in 2011, by Karin Klein, in Las Vegas, which Lynne Millican writes about.  I looked up the case, and Klein’s attorney was not allowed to present all the evidence of the devastation of this drug and how case after case of women suffered chronic illnesses after using the drugs.  The court appeared to have deliberately slanted all the evidence to favor TAP/Abbott Labs.  Klein appealed, and the appellate court, looking at the same slanted evidence, ruled against Klein, as well.  She went to the Supreme Court, that Lynne Millican wrote the brief, but I don’t see that they took up the case.
The more I read, the more incensed I get at how the billion dollar corporations have everyone in their back pocket.
And I am irritated at the women who were gagged from talking about their lawsuits when they could have prevented countless others’ suffering.

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