King To Replace Duncan in DC Insuring that the Campaign to Privatize Public Schools Will Continue Unabated

that he expected to find work “expanding opportunity for children.”
—In other words, Arne Duncan has landed a job at a hedge fund to profiteer off of the non-education of our children….

Incredibly, on this morning’s local news, they had a blurb on the ISTEP testing. An Indiana educator said we needed to have children read a passage and then answer questions showing that they understood what they read to evaluate their comprehension. They featured some self-important consultant schmuck from North Carolina who laughingly said that if we are concerned about the length of time of testing, that we don’t need this part of the test. bwahahahaha. *snort* bwahahaha.

What exactly, are tests about, then? Somebody clue me in, because if a test is not about evaluating a student’s abilities, then what is it about??



Today it was announced that US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, he who has used the awesome power of the federal Government to wreak layered and relentless havoc on the entire public school system, will resign in December.

Duncan said he was resigning to spend more time with his family and stated, in what appeared to be complete seriousness, that he expected to find work “expanding opportunity for children.”

Duncan was the longest serving education secretary in U.S. history and easily the most appalling.

Even as candidate Obama campaigned with Linda Darling-Hammond, in a bait and switch maneuver that can now be seen as characteristic of his presidency,
President–elect Obama named non-educator Duncan Secretary of Education. The appointment, made at the insistence of Democrats for Education Reform (DFER), a group made up almost entirely of hedge fund managers, signaled that under Duncan the Department of Education would serve in essence…

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