What TPP means…

They are actively promoting TPP on the ag news network as some sort of panacea to the world economy, especially for farmers.

Grassley was on yesterday saying that it is almost a done deal, but Congress has to approve it.  He said it in a way that he thought Congress was iffy on passing it.  Pfft.

Congress would have to ignore the corporations that give them $$$ — the very same corporations that stand to benefit from TPP — and will reward the members accordingly.  Congress would have to grow a backbone and do what benefits the country instead of their own bank accounts.

Yeah…I don’t see that happening…

What I do see happening with TPP is a loss of our autonomy to decide what is best for us.

It means that it will guarantee profits to corporations.  That is, they will have language in there that a country can be sued if another country interferes with profits of trade.

Guaranteed profits means:  1) No risk.  A corporation will be like Big Pharma and the vaccines — they can cause great harm while making Billions in profits with no liability; no responsibility.  And deny they are causing harm even though the evidence is overwhelming.

It also means that the little folks don’t have a chance.  The Too Big To Fails will either quash the new startups or they will do what they have been doing since the 80s — swallowing up competitors with a better idea.

This will stifle new ways of thinking; creative expression and exploration; and squash individuality.  We will walk alike, talk alike, and think alike which will ultimately mean we stop thinking.

It also means absolute power.  We all know where that leads.  it means sooo much power will be concentrated in the hands of a few that anyone opposing them will be dealt with harshly.  I already see some of that happening now with the concentration of businesses.

It means the end of Democracy.  And our country, which some have said is the ultimate goal.  The press constantly harps on ISIS!  ISIS!  Be very scared!  While they ignore what a bigger threat TPP is — Ed Schultz paid the price with his job by being outspoken about TPP on MSNBC.  God Bless you, Ed.


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