Exploitation of young women and the horrible drug Lupron

Wow…I’m finding more and more unethical and immoral goings on surrounding the drug Lupron (or in my case, Synarel, the aerosol version of Lupron).

A documentary, Eggsploitation, and how young women are being greatly harmed by Big Pharma, and greedy opportunists:

Unfortunately, I can’t afford the fee for the documentary, but the trailer alone was enough to bring tears to my eyes.  The opportunists, (or should I say predators?)  prey on the helpful nature of most women and draw them in with ads manipulating them into giving up their own fertility to help a couple who is not.

Of course, they purposely omit the very real side effects of Lupron/Synarel and how the young women will likely suffer chronic illness or even death.  One of the reports I posted before was of a mother speaking about her young daughter who died after Lupron injections.

I don’t know if the producer touches on the elephant in the room — WHY are all these couples infertile??

…because we know why there is such an epidemic of infertility — Rachel Carson told us this in Silent Spring.  All of the toxins and chemicals that mimic estrogen or other hormones are greatly impacting our own ability to reproduce.  But hey, we and the farmers gotta put that poison on the soil and spray those bugs so that our food and lawns look pretty.

And now we’re paying for it.


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