More Lupron horror stories… ** edited

….just in case you’re thinking that I and the other lady are just two anomalies (and believe me, you will hear that from the calcified medical establishment and Big Pharma)…here are more stories of women being devastated by a legal drug prescribed according to manufacturer’s guidelines.  And these ladies are not even counted when they start fudging the numbers on the devastating effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

This reported death is not identified within the FDA’s Lupron AERS reports either:

My 22 year old daughter died July 31, 2012. She had endometriosis and started on Lupron injections in May 2012. The first injection … she was not feeling well. By [the next] afternoon she was passing out every time she stood up. … The Lupron messed with her hypothalamus gland which messed with her pituitary gland which messed with her adrenal glands. Her glands were not making ACTH or Cortisol hormone. Her blood sugar kept dropping, her blood pressure would not stay up and she got sick easily. … I am devastated! Our family and friends are still in shock. I don’t understand why the doctors who are treating with Lupron do not know how dangerous it is, especially for people who may have compromised immune systems. … Please tell me what I can do to make a difference. No one should have to suffer a loss like this.

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And here we have the reason that creeps pretending to practice medicine are denying the side effects of Lupron or Synarel:
.. As Lupron sales soared, some doctors reaped as much as $400,000 a year on the drug, Pietraszek said. … The move made the drug, Lupron, a blockbuster seller”. Bruce Jaspen, Andrew Zajac and Laurie Cohen, ‘The Lupron loophole: Cancer drug strikes it rich’, Chicago Tribune, April 29, 2001.
(3): Please see ‘Was Lupron’s Initial [Male & Female] Approval Based Upon Safety and Efficacy’ in my 2001 ‘USA[ttorney] Draft Document’ at HYPERLINK “”, under ‘History’ and/or ‘Documents’.
(4): FDA’s Acting Group Leader of Oncology Drugs, Review, NDA 19-010, John R. Johnson M.D., July 6, 1984, p.4

This was the 2009 plea to deputy FDA commissioner Sharfstein.

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