Vaccine Nooz ignoring the man behind the curtain **edited

…Sharyl Attkisson has a post up (hat tip to vaccine impact news) on the Lewin Group once again doing what they are paid for:  promoting vaccines/Big Pharma interests…and ignoring the growing evidence of vaccine injured children.  If you recall, Attkisson left the nooz biz because of the vaccine cover up, and other issues.

I’ve posted on Lewin Group before with this post.

From Attkisson’s report:

When the popular press, bloggers and medical pundits uncritically promote a study like The Lewin Group’s, it must confound researchers like Lucija Tomljenovic, Catherine DeSoto, Robert Hitlan, Christopher Shaw, Helen Ratajczak, Boyd Haley, Carolyn Gallagher, Melody Goodman, M.I. Kawashti, O.R. Amin, N.G. Rowehy, T. Minami, Laura Hewitson, Brian Lopresti, Carol Stott, Scott Mason, Jaime Tomko, Bernard Rimland, Woody McGinnis, K. Shandley and D.W. Austin.

They are just a few of the many scientists whose peer-reviewed, published works have found possible links between vaccines and autism.


The disparaged scientists include well-published neurologists, pharmacists, epidemiologists, immunologists, PhD’s, chemists and microbiologists from places like Boston Children’s Hospital, Horizon Molecular Medicine at Georgia State University, University of British Columbia, City College of New York, Columbia University, Stony Brook University Medical Center, University of Northern Iowa, University of Michigan, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Al Azhar University of Cairo, Kinki University in Japan, the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Swinburne University of Technology in Australia, Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Poland, Department of Child Health Care, Children’s Hospital of Fudan University in China, Utah State University and many more.



This astroturf movement, in my opinion, includes but is not limited to: LeftBrainRightBrain, ScienceBlogs, NeuroSkeptic, ScienceBasedMedicine, LizDitz, ScienceBasedMedicine, CrooksandLiars, RespectfulInsolence, HealthNewsReview, SkepticalRaptor, Skepticblog,, Wired, BrianDeer, SethMnookin, Orac, Every Child by Two, the vaccine industry supported American Academy of Pediatrics, and the government/corporate funded American Council on Science and Health (once called “Voodoo Science, Twisted Consumerism” by the watchdog Center for Science in the Public Interest).


You might recall my bog on the pretend progressive site, crooks and liars — where I was talking about my own discovery of heavy metal poisoning and the damage vaccines do — and was met with such animosity from posters who towed the Pharma line.  I was just got.  I wrongly thought that they, as progressives, would be more open-minded, but they were just as bad as neocons, if not worse.

So, yeah, it doesn’t surprise me to see them on Attkisson’s list of websites devoted to confuse those seeking information and denigrate opposition.

Attkisson posted a link to the lawsuit against Paul Proffit (Offit).  If you recall, he invented a rotovirus vaccine that is now being questioned for causing serious harm and even death to the unfortunate recipients.

From the lawsuit:

On September 29, 2005, a Rescue Angel named “Rescue Mom” posted a message on the Rescue Angel message board, a private message board hosted on the Yahoo! internet website for parents of children with autism who support Plaintiff’s organization, Generation Rescue. The Rescue Angel message board is not open to the public; it is only available to persons invited by the forum moderator to register as an online member of the Rescue Angel Yahoo! group.

23.        In her posting on the Rescue Angel message board, Rescue Mom, a schoolteacher, recounted her harrowing personal experience.  Several weeks earlier, Rescue Mom had discovered some statistical information that demonstrated a dramatic increase in the incidents of autism, asthma, allergies, and other chronic problems among the children at the school where she teaches.  After discovering this information, Rescue Mom had posted the statistics—no names, just the numbers—on an internet list-serve to which she belongs.  In her list-serve post, Rescue Mom did not disclose her full name, her involvement in Generation Rescue, the name of the school at which she teaches, or the names of any students at the school.

24.        A few weeks after she posted this information, Rescue Mom was called into her school administrator’s office.  An unknown individual (still unidentified) had seen her list-serve message and had undertaken a concerted effort to find out all manner of personal information about her, including her full name, the name of her autistic daughter, the medical treatments her daughter was undergoing, the school at which Rescue Mom teaches, and the names of her administrators at the school.  This same person then wrote a letter to Rescue Mom’s school administrators attaching a copy of her list-serve posting, detailing her association with Generation Rescue, providing the name of her autistic daughter, describing the methods that Rescue Mom is using to treat her daughter, and demanding that Rescue Mom’s administrator’s question her judgment as both a teacher and a mother.

25.        In her post on the Rescue Angel message board, Rescue Mom recounted this alarming story of how she and her family had been stalked and how she had been targeted by unknown individuals for harassment in the workplace.  Her message was intended to serve as a warning to other Rescue Angels who read the message board about the lengths to which people who disagree with Generation Rescue’s beliefs will go to stop them.  Recounting her experience, she advised her fellow Rescue Angels to “be careful.  People are watching us.  People are researching us.  And people are trying to sabotage us.” 

26.        On October 10, 2005, Plaintiff, disturbed and extremely upset after reading Rescue Mom’s story, addressed the issue in a new message posted on the “Environment of Harm” message board.  The Environment of Harm message board is a public message board, with a wider readership not limited to members of the “anti-vaccination” camp.  In fact, participants on both sides of the vaccination debate monitor and actively post comments on the Environment of Harm message board.  Plaintiff selected the Environment of Harm message board for his October 10, 2005 post in an effort to tell the “pro-vaccination” camp that stalking and harassment of his volunteers would not be tolerated.


This is really, really chilling.  Rescue Mom posted on a closed, private message board, and did not name names, or any identifying details.  Someone had to have hacked the website to get that information and subsequently harass and intimidate and try to get her fired.  This is just utterly mindboggling.  This was a clear case of invasion of privacy and there has to be a law broken in trying to interfere with her job and her source of income.  It is unconscionable that this person got away with it.

**edited to add:  As I was re-reading this, I got a flash of a memory when I was substitute teaching.  I had a class of mentally challenged children.  There was a young girl there who looked to be of normal development.  That is, she did not have crossed eyes, misshapen head, teeth crammed together (I know there’s a technical term for that, but I can’t recall), nor any other outward sign that there was something intrinsic for her mental issues.  She was anemic.  She was low energy (even though young).  Then she opened her mouth — and it was filled with amalgams.  I mean, it looked like every tooth except the very front teeth were filled with toxic mercury/silver.  I then began to wonder if that was the reason for her mental issues, because the piece of the puzzle were not fitting together.  Usually if there is a mental issue that is an intrinsic part of their mental make up, it shows up in physical characteristics.  She did not have any of that.  I wanted to say something to the administration of my thoughts of her having mercury poisoning, but as we see here, anyone speaking out is threatened, harassed, bullied, and finally, ridiculed.  I was not well enough myself to be able to make a sound argument for this girl, as I was just beginning to understand what had been done to me.

Rescue Mom has a right to express her opinions.  Her ability to provide for herself and her family should not be endangered for expressing that opinion.  Our democracy relies on the ability of the people to express opinions to search for the truth.  If we allow bullying like this, we will lose our democracy.

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