The Presbyterian Church, divided…

I found this stirring piece of history of the Civil Rights Movement and the Presbyterian ministers who joined the fight to get the Civil Rights Act passed.  Some are now trying to pretend that whites did not participate in this struggle, or that it was meaningless…and I knew that was not true.

In this file is an eerie incident of a twenty-something Presbyterian minister being run over by a bulldozer…much like Rachel Corrie.  

These ministers did what Jesus commanded us to do.  And they did not necessarily have support of everyone, as you will see in the piece.  I had been doing some research trying to remember my “roots”, and noted that the first big break within the Presbyterian Church was during the Civil War.  It divided the members who were pro-Union against those who were Pro-Slavery.

The church reunited later, however, but again, a big division came again circa 1967, when more evangelical churches left the national (PC) USA…I wondered why because the document did not elaborate.  So…now reading this document, I understand it was probably related to the Civil Rights movement.  Those churches that thought “separate but equal” was quite all right were leaving PC USA because of the national churches’ support of Civil Rights as something that Jesus would do.

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