Thinking for ourselves…

...involves taking time to think.  Sounds silly, I know.  But critical thinking means not hurrying to judgment nor conclusions.  It means considering all sides.  It means letting the thought(s) roll around in your head for awhile instead of making snap decisions.

Ralph Nader makes another argument — that of morality.  Instant gratification instead of patience…and destroying the ability to defer one’s own needs to allow for others.

And community.


Pretty soon, people won’t have to go to stores; they’ll just order everything online and never see any other shoppers or have chance meetings with friends and neighbors. Let’s hear the applause from those people who haven’t thought through these “improvements” and the resulting destruction of communities.


Yes, I’ve seen this, too.  It is especially noticeable with the destruction of public schools.  They are destroying neighborhoods by closing schools and busing children to schools halfway across town so they spend two hours a day on a bus.

They are trying their best to do that here, even though many small schools serve large rural areas. They are trying to consolidate rural schools so that kids would have to be bused or their parents drive twenty miles to school.


In the nineteen-fifties, there were three national television networks. Now, there are hundreds of cable channels and over-the-air TV stations, not to mention the avalanche of internet-based programs and diversions.


You know, this gives the illusion that there is more diversity, but in reality, the media is concentrated into the hands of a few.

When I started my college career, I began counting the number of seconds on a screen before the shot changed.  It was six seconds.  Now I think it’s down to two.  And some ads are using flash in such a way that it’s almost like they want to give people seizures.

A commenter brought up the birth analogy — first, I think mothers should be giving birth at home; secondly, they are trying to speed up births, as well.  That was the point of giving me Pitocin — a harmful drug that can cause seizures.  Not only that, it can cause terrible distress and even brain damage by interfering with blood flow from the mother to baby during labor.  A mother is supposed to have a pillow under her hips, and her head elevated to prevent this.  Neither of these practices were followed when I was given Pitocin.  Yeah, so I’m not sold that hospital births are superior to home births because frankly, I don’t think doctors give a sh*t about infant and mother safety.  Of the developed nations, we have one of the highest infant mortality rates!

We’ve been brainwashed into thinking faster is better, smarter, “progress”…not the truth.


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