Parents risk dying for Dyett and neighborhood public schools #FightforDyett #WeSupportDyett12

…more evidence of the class wars. How sad is it that parents have to fast to be treated with dignity, respect, and fair distribution of tax dollars?

Cloaking Inequity

Parents and community members are entering the 4th week of a hunger strike in Chicago. While the issues may seem at first glance specific to Dyett High School, the protest is really about the top-down, private control school reform regime in Chicago and elsewhere. In essence the parents are demanding

  • An open-enrollment neighborhood public school.
  • A school that is properly resourced.
  • A school that is community-basedand provides children 21st century skills rather than rote learning.

These are also the coreissues ignored by top-down, private control schoolreform in New Orleans, Detroit, Tennessee etc.

I was blown away by Anna Jones’, one of the parents involved in the Dyett Hunger Strike, recent testimony.

My name is Anna Jones. I have four children. My three youngerchildren are in elementary school, and my eighth grader will bestarting high school in the fall.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel closed 50 schools in “low-income neighborhoods” for…

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