Kids as a captive audience

There’s nothing like forcing an audience to listen to your propaganda, er I mean information….never mind that they are not old enough to discern facts nor are they old enough to have a job and buy the products.

Oh, but the parents will be persuaded to buy certain products because either the kids are brainwashed or the school highly suggests that the parents purchase products from favored corporations.  And if your child doesn’t comply…well, we’ll just single him/her out as “hurting the community…”

…let the bullying begin…

Unknowingly, I saw this happening with my own kids.  Like most trusting parents, I thought it was harmless for the schools to have a little advertising here, a little advertising there.  I didn’t see it as creating an atmosphere of inclusion/exclusion.

I got my first inkling when my youngest’s teacher sent home a consent form for her to go on a field trip to a local cement plant.  I refused to let her go.  Now, you’re thinking, “what on Earth is wrong with letting a child go to a cement plant?”

This cement plant was burning hazardous waste.  My mother’s instinct told me it was not a place to take a little one (or your own self, for that matter).

I was the only parent in the class that did not allow their child to go.  She spent the day at school without her class.

I later found out that the cement plant was also spewing mercury.  Yep. Oh, and Bill Clinton thinks that’s just great, too.  He was actually touting these cement plants as doing a good service by burning hazardous waste.

I tell you, I went by that plant every single day for three and a half years while driving on a road to the university.  There were days when this awful looking yellowish cloud just hung in the air over this plant.  And I drove through that air every day.  I’ve always wondered what I was exposed to — yet another source of mercury exposure.

It was also located within a couple of miles of the state hospital I worked at — more exposure.  And what about the impact on staff and patients?  Oh, who cares about them, right?  They’re just “useless eaters”  right? /snark

So I hope if any parent letting their child go on these field trips will reconsider and think about the message you’re sending to your child.  I would explain your concerns to them if you keep them from attending such an event.  And I would vocally object to schools using your child as a captive audience for corporations.


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