$$$ Jeb Bush $$$ gets a little help from his friends $$$

Richie Rich, er I mean, Jeb Bush, is getting a little help from his friends...the usual players — public school destruction architects who seek to make them for-profit…and this will be interesting to those whom have given to the Susan G. Komen foundation, thinking they were helping women and the fight against breast cancer — Nancy Brinker, founder, is giving a cool $50,000 to Bush.

People whom have fought breast cancer or had lost family members have their heart strings pulled by all the manipulative tactics of these organizations when too often the money goes for “administrative costs” and too little actually goes towards finding a cure.

But of course, anyone reading here for any length of time knows that they have pretty much found cures for cancer in the diet…and that information has been buried so these psychopaths could make big profits off of cancer treatment or should I say pretending to treat cancer…


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