The sordid past of vaccines and medical experiments

I tried in vain to find this report by Mike Stobbe from the original source.  Frankly, I don’t trust Washington Post since it has been taken over by Amazon.

So I’ve had to link to them and God only knows if it will stay up.  I have noticed too many articles being “disappeared” lately.

The biggest problem with this report is that Stobbe puts experiments in the past….as if they are not still going on.  We know that George H.W. Bush forced the troops to take vaccines that had HIV in the mycoplasmas–after it had been tested on a prison population.  We know that Bill Clinton allowed experimentation on the troops.  We can pretty much guess that Dubya also had allowed it…since torturing people was a-ok with him.

The problem is the mindset of the research field–they justify everything because it’s for the “common good”.  Only it isn’t.

And it goes against doing to others as you would have done to you.


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