Polio vaccine is at heart of children getting polio

Marco Cáceres di Iorio, of IDsent, has another great post up on the great vaccine hoax —


Instead, the story is seemingly being manipulated in a way that attributes the paralysis of the two children, not on the vaccine which led to the cVDPV1, but to the idea that in under-vaccinated populations “the vaccine-virus can circulate for long time, 12 months or longer, and genetically change into a more virulent form that can paralyze.”2  


This should send chills down one’s spine.  The body is trying to mount a defense against a virus that is mutating.  It is a basic fact of viruses that they mutate.  This is why they claim they cannot predict what flu virus will be prevalent during any given year.  This fact alone should call into question the validity of the polio vaccine!

Not only that, but we have those whom have been vaccinated shedding the virus, making OTHERS MORE VULNERABLE to contracting polio, not protecting others, as the vaccine Gestapo would have you believe.


This makes it easier for the WHO and other health authorities to make their case for increasingly higher levels of vaccination.


This brings up the question of the goals of WHO.  Why would the World Health Organization be advocating something that is causing harm, not keeping people healthy?  Why are they doing something that will add to the billions of dollars already at Big Pharma’s disposal?  Oh, wait….

**edited:  removed reference to Salk and beginning of vaccination.  It was Edward Jenner and the smallpox “vaccine” that I was thinking of. Sorry.

The idea of immunity came from Edward Jenner’s idea of injecting the blood of a child that did not become ill into other children to give them immunity.  That has been the whole basis of the false theory.  If the child did not become ill, it may well have been that the child was already exposed and had developed an immune response to fight it off, OR the child’s mother had given the child immunity, therefore, he/she did not develop a full blown set of symptoms, OR the whole idea of injecting it into a child and bypassing the normal route of the immune system is not valid.


“Polio Outbreak In Ukraine Is Grim Reminder Of Need For Continued Vigilance.”9 


…is anybody else sick of the word ‘vigilance”??  (no pun intended. haha.)


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