Two mothers testimony on severe reactions to MMR vaccine **edited

We mothers have excellent instincts given to us as the bearers of children….if we would just honor that and listen to our instincts.

Two mothers talk about that in their stories of their child’s struggles after MMR vaccinations.

Cynthia Stark


He was developing perfectly until his 12 month MMR. He became feverish, his body rigid, back arched, with weird high-pitched screaming for hours. He became very ill, lethargic, with burning reflux, projectile vomiting, and putrid diarrhea. He refused food, and would only drink milk. He stopped responding, refused play and hugs, and went mute. His hearing was tested at 13 months, but it was fine. He had absent seizures. At 18 months he had extensive testing at the children’s hospital to rule out everything else, and at 20 months he was given a diagnosis of autism.


Noah’s Story.

A Mississippi mother’s account of ignoring her instincts and doing what the doctor told her…because he was the authority, and she was not.  At least, not according to him.  Mothers, you need to take back your power and grow a backbone and tell the calcified medical profession/Big Pharma that you are not going to harm your child so they can make billions of dollars at your child’s expense.


From 6-12 months noah stayed sick. He had several ear infections, the stomach virus, strep throat, and secondary infections from his eczema. Noah’s 1 year well visit was set for the first week of April. This appointment was one that I really dreaded. I questioned the doctor on the MMR vaccine and its safety. I was assured that it was completely safe. I was also given a sheet showing the possible side effects of the shots he received that day which included fever, swelling at the injection site, and irritability. I left the 12 month appointment in tears carrying my freshly vaccinated, eczema covered screaming baby. I strapped him in his carseat, got in the car and completely lost it. I cried and cried. What had i just let them do to my baby? Of all the vaccine research I had done, i was sick at the thought of these 12 month vaccines including the MMR vaccine. I cried to the point of making myself sick right there in the parking lot. I was completely overcome with panic and terror. I prayed for peace and for a calm spirit. I felt like the absolute worst mother in the world for going against this strong feeling I had deep down in my gut. I knew deep in my heart that this wasn’t right, but felt like i had no other option but to vaccinate him exactly like all the other babies his age were.


During this time, I learned that ITP is caused by a live virus or illness. It is caused when the immune system is attacked by “a virus” of some sort, and builds up antibodies to kill the virus off. When the virus is gone, in a hypersensitive immune system, the antibodies continue being built up to kill the virus, but they attack the platelets instead. Platelets cause the blood to clot. Low platelets bring many dangers.

I also continued my research on vaccines. One day, I came across a website, I was looking through the site and I was reading about each disease and its risks as well as about each vaccine and its risks. When I got to the MMR vaccine package insert and began to read, my heart hit the floor like a ton of bricks. Right there in the package insert of the MMR, and flu vaccine was Immune thrombocytopenic purupra (ITP). I could not believe my eyes. I knew that the MMR was 3 live viruses in one vaccine. My son was covered head to toe in eczema the day he was vaccinated at 12 months and at 15 months old. 


This also ties back to what Dr. Garth Nicolson discussed in his video on the mycoplasmas altered by insertion of a virus (HIV).  One has to wonder what they are putting in childhood vaccines…


Over those two years of battling Noah’s ITP I was made aware of Mississippi vaccine law. I realized that Noah had to have a medical exemption written by a doctor and approved by the MSDH in order to attend school. I also learned that this was a very hard thing to obtain. 


Again, this is taking away parental rights to refuse medical treatment if they feel it would harm their children.

A politician, who takes $$$ from Big Pharma, has deemed they have more authority over a child’s life and health than their parents.  They do not.

They do not care if your child becomes ill.  They will most likely blame it on your poor parenting.  Also, parents have not been informed on the importance of natural (not synthetic) Vitamins A and C to help the immune system fight off illnesses so that they don’t have the tragedy of the child who developed pneumonia after vaccination and died.

And, of course, the public in general has not been informed about eating a mostly vegetarian diet consisting of organic food and that processed food and Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) are very bad for one’s health, including the immune system.

**edited to add: I just wanted to add that I was a lot like these young mothers in that I allowed doctors and everyone else tell me what I should do, when my instinct was telling me different.  As in breastfeeding. Or giving horrible plastic bubbies (pacifiers) that exposed my babies to carcinogenic and endocrine disruptive plastic.  Ugh.  It would have been better for them to suck their thumbs for comfort.  And it’s so stupid to shame a child into giving up their thumbsucking when they are not ready.  It’s a comfort to them.


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