The video of an abortion: live fetus

There’s a link to a video depicting an abortion of a live fetus.  It is really graphic, so be warned.  I could not watch all of it.

I have to be honest that I am leery of the pro-life crowd because of their view against feminists and women’s rights and equality.  But making money off of live human beings, be they aborted fetus or not, is murder for profit.  This fetus is clearly alive and perfectly formed.  There is just something terribly, terribly wrong with this practice.

And on the flip side, while these same people are trying to prevent women from obtaining contraceptives…why would you do that?  Why would you prevent a woman who does not want children from obtaining the means to prevent pregnancy?  If she becomes pregnant, and aborts a live fetus, are you not just as responsible??

Politician says homeless people should be put down…as dogs are put down…


Abraham Linclon once said that people who advocate slavery should have it tried on them.

I say the same thing about the eugenics crowd.  They think they are God and they have the right to decide who should live and who should die.  If they say that the homeless or anyone should be put down, the eugenicist should have it done to them, first.

From the comments:

Grand-mama 5 minutes ago

I am positive that you would have a LINE as long as the State of Texas waiting to be put down. Life is that Miserable for them. Winter is the worst of all.

In Palm Desert it is BAD, Shopping Bag carts filled, Bikes filled and they take a bath in the local Water Fountain, Sleep in the parks scaring the KID’S.

They can’t afforded to get jobs with the state pays them money to drink and do drugs.

Give them a choice, If they would like to have the L then let them have it and end their life with dignity. If not help them get jobs and let them start life over.

Its that simple.. Most are too afraid of the bible that says do not commit suicide, so they hold on waiting day after day praying to God to end their life.


Yeah…I can’t say what I think of “gran ma” — a typical tea party nut.

The state does not pay them to drink and do drugs.  What a load of horsesh*t.  You cannot buy alcohol on food stamps.  You sure the hell cannot buy drugs.  If they are addicts, then an evaluation of allergies or heavy metal toxicity or nutrition deficiencies is the first order.

Little kids are afraid of someone SLEEPING?  How does one get attacked by a sleeping person?

Help them get jobs?  Where are these make-believe jobs?  Do they pay make-believe money, too??  Can you buy a make-believe house while working this make-believe job??

Wow!  I did not know it was just that simple!  THANK YOU “gran-ma” for your thoughtful, insightful suggestion…we would have NEVER thought of that until you put forth such a unique idea.  /snark

Why aren’t you asking about why the mental hospitals were closed by Ronald Reagan when he was governor?  Or any of the Republican governors who closed the hospitals or drastically reduced their bed count, and basically tossed them out on the street?

Or the Big Pharma push to drug these people up with harmful psychiatric drugs that do not help their condition, and cause greater issues with side effects?

Exploitation of young women and the horrible drug Lupron

Wow…I’m finding more and more unethical and immoral goings on surrounding the drug Lupron (or in my case, Synarel, the aerosol version of Lupron).

A documentary, Eggsploitation, and how young women are being greatly harmed by Big Pharma, and greedy opportunists:

Unfortunately, I can’t afford the fee for the documentary, but the trailer alone was enough to bring tears to my eyes.  The opportunists, (or should I say predators?)  prey on the helpful nature of most women and draw them in with ads manipulating them into giving up their own fertility to help a couple who is not.

Of course, they purposely omit the very real side effects of Lupron/Synarel and how the young women will likely suffer chronic illness or even death.  One of the reports I posted before was of a mother speaking about her young daughter who died after Lupron injections.

I don’t know if the producer touches on the elephant in the room — WHY are all these couples infertile??

…because we know why there is such an epidemic of infertility — Rachel Carson told us this in Silent Spring.  All of the toxins and chemicals that mimic estrogen or other hormones are greatly impacting our own ability to reproduce.  But hey, we and the farmers gotta put that poison on the soil and spray those bugs so that our food and lawns look pretty.

And now we’re paying for it.


More Lupron horror stories… ** edited

….just in case you’re thinking that I and the other lady are just two anomalies (and believe me, you will hear that from the calcified medical establishment and Big Pharma)…here are more stories of women being devastated by a legal drug prescribed according to manufacturer’s guidelines.  And these ladies are not even counted when they start fudging the numbers on the devastating effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

This reported death is not identified within the FDA’s Lupron AERS reports either:

My 22 year old daughter died July 31, 2012. She had endometriosis and started on Lupron injections in May 2012. The first injection … she was not feeling well. By [the next] afternoon she was passing out every time she stood up. … The Lupron messed with her hypothalamus gland which messed with her pituitary gland which messed with her adrenal glands. Her glands were not making ACTH or Cortisol hormone. Her blood sugar kept dropping, her blood pressure would not stay up and she got sick easily. … I am devastated! Our family and friends are still in shock. I don’t understand why the doctors who are treating with Lupron do not know how dangerous it is, especially for people who may have compromised immune systems. … Please tell me what I can do to make a difference. No one should have to suffer a loss like this.

– See more at:

And here we have the reason that creeps pretending to practice medicine are denying the side effects of Lupron or Synarel:
.. As Lupron sales soared, some doctors reaped as much as $400,000 a year on the drug, Pietraszek said. … The move made the drug, Lupron, a blockbuster seller”. Bruce Jaspen, Andrew Zajac and Laurie Cohen, ‘The Lupron loophole: Cancer drug strikes it rich’, Chicago Tribune, April 29, 2001.
(3): Please see ‘Was Lupron’s Initial [Male & Female] Approval Based Upon Safety and Efficacy’ in my 2001 ‘USA[ttorney] Draft Document’ at HYPERLINK “”, under ‘History’ and/or ‘Documents’.
(4): FDA’s Acting Group Leader of Oncology Drugs, Review, NDA 19-010, John R. Johnson M.D., July 6, 1984, p.4

This was the 2009 plea to deputy FDA commissioner Sharfstein.

FDA guilty of ignoring harm caused by Big Pharma

I’ve just another bad migraine — the third one in a row.  This is not normal for me, since beginning the GAPS diet.  My migraines were actually diminishing after beginning the diet.  After the selfish farmer began using an aerial sprayer to spray fungicide on the nearby corn fields, I began having worse migraines with terrible muscle weakness and nausea to the point of throwing up.  My breast lumps that I have had since 2012, have doubled in size and I now have a nodule on my left arm.  Not good.  Yeah, I’ve started the coffee enemas and upped my juicing…

This migraine brought with it other terrible symptoms.  When I had taken Synarel and Seldane in 1991, I had a “heart attack” and two years afterwards, the press reported that Seldane was the culprit with a woman dying from heart arrythmia when taking it.  I put heart attack in quotes only because calcified medicine would not recognize it as a heart attack even though I had all the classic symptoms:  numbness down my left arm, terrible pressure on my chest like an elephant was sitting on it, and my heart beating so fast I thought it was going to beat out of my chest.  It had never beat that fast, not even with the most strenuous aerobic exercise.

So…with this migraine, I had the exact same symptoms…

It was so unnerving because I felt my pituitary sending out pitocin.  There is a characteristic of this sudden rush of energy over the entire body that you never forget once you’ve been given the chemical drug of the synthetic pitocin.  I have felt this many times, but this time was the worst.

I went to look up antidotes for Synarel, and found this piece that just knocks me off my feet.  She has the EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS as me, with a few exceptions.  Un-freaking-believable!

When I stood up my skin felt so heavy it felt like it was falling off my body.

I had muscle-skeletal pain throughout my whole body, esp. the rib and breast bones.

Dyspnea, difficulty breathing.

Body sweats and chills, ghostly-white complexion.

Shrieking skull pain, migraine on right side of head.

I had huge cramps throughout my legs, pain in lower, outside, right leg.

Breast pain, loss of sexual desire (well who could think about sex with all this going on???)

Cold body, temperature 93.3 F

Low heart rate or racing heart.

Stomach swelled up, dehydrated, excessive thirst.

Throat swelled, feeling of choking.

Bowels quit working, kidneys working overtime.

Numb cheeks and limbs.

Visual disturbances, right eye teared constantly.

Nausea, dizziness, shakes.

Spinal tremors, irritability, nervousness.

Sore teeth, left jaw pain.

Cardiac arrhythmia, palpitations.


Lower back pain.

Intensified rash and swollen lymph nodes.


I am just freaking beside myself.  I am sure the heavy metal poisoning is contributing to this, but since the Synarel drug acted on shutting the pituitary down, I have to believe that it had some permanent affect on my pituitary.  These SOB’s have gotten away with making women very ill to the point of chronic disease and death…and the FDA looks the other freaking way.  And now they even want to make it so Big Pharma doesn’t even have to prove that their drugs are safe and effective!

Tell me, what good is the FDA?  Can anybody tell me??

And the condescending attitude of the physician is typical.  My physician denied the Synarel or Seldane (that I took with it) were the cause of my issue.  And…wait for it…even suggested that it was a psychological issue, which is typical for doctors to tell women when they don’t know what is wrong with them.  He eventually sent me to a neurologist, who diagnosed a complicated migraine.  Well, guess what—if migraine is a symptom of the heart being messed up—then that pretty much tells you that my heart was horribly messed up that night that I had the reaction.   They took a blood test and said that I was not showing their predetermined marker for a heart attack…but that is a marker for a natural heart attack, not a drug induced one.  I am sure there is a difference between the body having a heart attack from disease and the body having a heart attack put upon it by chemicals!!

Every single time I have a migraine, my heart is in arrythmia.  That is, it is not beating normally, but will skip beats and beat rapidly.

I’m putting this up so that anyone having this horrible drug pushed upon them will not do it.  Don’t do it.  Just don’t.  Find a naturopath, or a D.O. who is willing to actually do some healing work and help you find an answer to your own personal issue.

Be well, my friends.

The Presbyterian Church, divided…

I found this stirring piece of history of the Civil Rights Movement and the Presbyterian ministers who joined the fight to get the Civil Rights Act passed.  Some are now trying to pretend that whites did not participate in this struggle, or that it was meaningless…and I knew that was not true.

In this file is an eerie incident of a twenty-something Presbyterian minister being run over by a bulldozer…much like Rachel Corrie.  

These ministers did what Jesus commanded us to do.  And they did not necessarily have support of everyone, as you will see in the piece.  I had been doing some research trying to remember my “roots”, and noted that the first big break within the Presbyterian Church was during the Civil War.  It divided the members who were pro-Union against those who were Pro-Slavery.

The church reunited later, however, but again, a big division came again circa 1967, when more evangelical churches left the national (PC) USA…I wondered why because the document did not elaborate.  So…now reading this document, I understand it was probably related to the Civil Rights movement.  Those churches that thought “separate but equal” was quite all right were leaving PC USA because of the national churches’ support of Civil Rights as something that Jesus would do.