Legally Kidnapped: Child Protective Services’ kidnap-for-profit

I have to tell you that the evil I’ve seen over the past couple of months has been so disheartening, I wonder if we’ve gone past the point of no return….or perhaps I should say the point of no redemption….

And, again, I have to go to media outside the United States to get stories like this:

Did you catch the chilling part of them NOT GIVING VACCINES TO THEIR CHILDREN as reason to take them away??

I’ve seen several openings…for the Dept. of Child Services  and tellingly, I’ve seen the exact same position in a certain county for Department of Child Services for Indiana.  It’s like every six months (if that long)

We have had a history of unaccountability in this state — with Mitch Daniels slashing DCS positions that created unworkable caseloads for the social workers, which resulted in children dying at the hands of their abusive parents. Stories here on the privatization of social services…it backs up the allegations of the video report about for-profit social agencies, including Child Protective Services.  These psychopaths have no business running governments.

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