What you didn’t hear on the nooz….US Court rules in favor of contractor driven NSA

Again…it is really sad that I had to go outside the United States media to get this:

What judge would say that usurping the Constitution is okay??  Did they not read the Constitution in law school?  Only the chicken littles say that this is okay.  As the MI5 agent brought up, having the intelligence DID NOT prevent 9/11.  So the assertion that Congress, and the Military Industrial Complex will stop another terrorist attack by the intel is bullsh*t.  They have such a volume of information that they cannot possibly get through it all.

And the chicken littles who assert that they “have nothing to hide, so the Military Industrial Complex can spy on them all they want…”  keep in mind that the Nazis threw good people into gas chambers.  People who were not committing crimes.  People who were good souls minding their own business….

Now are you still so smug?

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