I am a mere instrument, the music is his

Just A Crazy Dreamer

Dancing within and without; there are times, when I do mistake the dance to be mine

With inflated ego, I go round and round; being it all. both the dancer and the dance;

In those moments of seeking and enjoying fame, little do I remember the privilege that comes attached to the “I”;

The privilege of being born with both legs, the privilege of being in a household with enough to eat;

The privilege of having water coming out of the taps when need be; The privileged access to hear quality music;

The privilege of having a choice; the privilege of being able to make one;

Little do I remember; all that went into the making;

The background work that was put in by the invisible side-casts;

The roles that my grand-mother played by sacrificing her choice to put my father’s education first;

The role played by my dad’s sacrificing his choice…

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