Chris Hedges eulogy for a truly Christian friend…

All is not lost, my friends, although I certainly feel that the Dark ones are winning the spiritual war….

Rev. Burke sounds like he truly embraced what being a Christian means…modeling behavior after Jesus’ example. (And Mother Mary, Father Joseph, and Mary Magdalene, for that matter).  Only God knows how many lives he influenced and how many he inspired to also take a cue from Jesus.

And I have to say that I don’t understand Chris Hedges’ love for boxing…as it does not jive with being a minister, in my opinion.  Wanting to hurt another is not how I picture Jesus.  And this is coming from someone who used to watch boxing in my young and stupid days of youth.  One day I realized that hurting another for money and to ENTERTAIN others was not right.

It’s barbaric.

So, yeah, I don’t get that.

And it also bothers me that although Hedges has mouthed words in support of women, I see no women authors (except Dickinson) among those he listed.  I also watched a video of he and Cornel West talking about women, but not including women.

The Native Americans believe that women are closer to God because of our ability to give life….and yet time and again, we have been left out of the conversation…out of governance…out of view…


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