Lawsuit: NSA put surveillance cone over Salt Lake City 2002 Olympics

How sad is it that we have to go outside the U.S. media to get stories like this…and how sad is it that he could not find any of the so-called civil rights groups to take on this lawsuit??  People, you need to grow a backbone and stand up to the infringement of your Constitutional rights — especially the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments.  Because the civil rights groups either are unwilling or incompetent to fight for you.  It means every single one of us needs to do what I did in Fort Wayne.  Even though you’re scared, you need to stand your ground.   I never, ever, ever said it was okay to take away my Constitutional rights after 9/11.  Only the chicken littles did that.  And they’re the same ones right now who are the sheep.

And, by the way, they were doing this BEFORE 9/11.  They just needed “another Pearl Harbor”  to destroy your civil rights.


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