More on Glyphosate and what it is doing to our bodies….inflammation

Dr. Seneff explains in more detail how truly destructive glyphosate (RoundUp) is to our health.  Mercury is also a huge cause of inflammation in the body — it’s one of the biggest issues I’ve had to deal with in being toxic.

It’s a double whammy when geoengineering is blocking the sun’s rays for days.  We need the sun for Vitamin D, and now we understand we need it for sulfation to help our bodies.

I wish Dr. Seneff had explained that epsom salts are also a way to get sulfates into the body.  It is magnesium sulfate.  But there is an issue — too much and you get dire-of-the-rear (diarrhea).

So all those cancer causing sun blocker chemicals you’ve been putting on your skin every time you are in the sun are doing more damage than making your body susceptible to cancer — they are also blocking the sun’s rays to help your body be healthy.


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