School Nurse speaks out on vaccinations

Shane Ellison, the People’s Chemist, has a blog up on a nurse who wrote to him after his post on MMR vaccine.

The utter insanity of Big Pharma and the brainwashed public/medical profession:

TPC #4: Have you ever observed a case where a child was vaccinated for a certain illness and yet still contracted that illness?

Joanne: Yes, we had Pertussis outbreak a few years ago. Of course, all the children have been immunized against Pertussis multiple times. Also, I have seen children get the flu even though they were vaccinated against the flu. I’ve seen students, and even my own daughter, break out with chicken pox even though they were vaccinated.

I also cannot believe the amount of children diagnosed with pneumonia this year. It is our number one reason why they’re out of school. Yet these kids were all given the Pneumococcal vaccine. Go figure.

Speaking of a recent sad event – a co-worker’s mom just died at the age of 50, of influenza. That turned into pneumonia, then she picked up MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) in the hospital. She was a healthy woman who came down with the flu. She had been getting annual flu shots. The doctors told the family it could have been worse if she did not get the shot. Seriously, what is worse than death???


Nurse Joanne made the same observation that I did — if a child is vaccinated, why are they at risk from a child that is not vaccinated?  And if a child has cancer and their parents are brainwashed into giving that child radiation/chemotherapy so that their immune system is even more damaged…and that makes them more susceptible to disease, why must my child be poisoned in order to protect their child?  If your child is that seriously ill, he/she has no business in the public schools, where being exposed to colds and flu is common.

And I agree with the nurse — I would have never vaccinated my children if I had known everything I know now.  I am convinced that my daughters’ reactions that included pneumonia and pneumonitis, were reactions to the vaccines they received.

I also agree that people are being manipulated and have lost their critical thinking skills.

My next post addresses that…


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