Ahhh….memories…1967 Renault 10

My older sis had one of these:

Hard to believe, but we actually had a Renault dealership in my small hometown at one time and my Dad bought this when my sis turned 16.  Or was it 17?  I vaguely remember a green Ford galaxy somewhere in that mix…

Anyhoo…this car popped into my head recently.  I loved this car.  My other sis loved it, too.  They got the nice cars.  By that I mean they got cars that were either: a) were running more than a week, or b) cool to drive and they ran more than a week.

When it was my turn to drive, I got old Plymouths that had sawdust in them.  Yeah, it ran for about a week and died on a highway miles from home…

But I digress..

So…my sis comes home one day and we lived down a small embankment with three huge trees on the front lawn.  (You know where I’m going with this, don’t you?)

She parked the car on the incline and ran into the back yard to tell Dad something.

All of a sudden, we hear this ‘BOOM’.

We ran into the front, where car and tree had it out.   Tree won.

That poor car.

I can’t remember much of the incident, other than the boom, but since the engine was in the back, surely it was okay…but I imagine with these little cars, the frame was probably bent.  End of story.

And all these years, my sis claimed that she had put the brake on.  We thought she just *thought* she put the brake on…

But when I was reading some websites featuring the Renault, a former owner said that they were notorious for having brakes that didn’t quite grab.  Which is why there aren’t too many of them around.

It was evident reading the blogs that there is quite a few people who also loved these cars.

Hint to Renault. Hint to Renault.  Resurrect the “10”  or even the “8”….

Here’s another video of one that shows the tiny, tiny, and probably very fuel efficient, engine:


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