Max and Stacy lose it **edited

I really don’t know what to make of this segment.  I think Max and Stacy should cut down a little on whatever they’re smoking…

They promote the idea of post-capitalism…and we are headed towards bitcoin, something that Max heavily promotes.  And he has a monetary interest in.  Bill Gates is one of the start up investors, so that should send you running in the other direction.

I don’t get the post-Freudian capitalism era point.  That is only IF one equates their status with the material things one has.  But that does not apply to everyone.  Never has.

Some folks actually wanted to make enough to take care of their families and put food on the table, but not necessarily want bling to show off to others.  Granted, that became very important with the Boomer generation and beyond.  The advertising age, as they call it, ramped up and used manipulative techniques to make us feel inadequate/unpopular/poor if we did not have this product/this house/this car to prove our worth.

I remember distinctly how we went from acceptance to intolerance as they encouraged us to look down on country life/farming against the so-called sophistication of “city life”.

Country folks and farmers were portrayed as ignorant and socially unsophisticated…and how we would do anything not to be portrayed in such a manner.

I’ll take Levi’s jeans as an example.  Before, any old blue jean was acceptable to wear.  We actually wore more formal clothes in those days — boys in shirts and ties and girls in dresses.  Then the 60s came along where the Boomers started to rebel against the “dress code” and jeans became the fashion.  You were seen as old fashioned and out of touch for not wearing blue jeans.  Then it became the fad that Levi’s jeans were THE jeans to wear and if you didn’t wear them, you were not “cool” and not seen as part of the popular crowd.  You were also seen as poor, and with the abundance of the 60s, being poor was seen  tantamount to being lazy.  (I know that’s hard to grasp with today’s total acceptance and compassion towards the poor. /snarky in the extreme).

Being popular was so well orchestrated by the advertising age that it took me until my mid-thirties to finally see it for what it was — a stifling of individuality, creativity, and an intolerance of difference.

When I look back at my youth, and how I once admired the popular crowd, I just shake my head and ask myself, why?  But that’s a whole ‘nother blog…

Anyway, on with the video…

Does Max even know that Freud has pretty much been discredited by the Psychiatric profession?  He did enough cocaine to kill a horse and he was a raving misogynist who blamed women for everything wrong in the world.  The whole sexual fixation by Freud has been put in the dust bin, so to speak.

I don’t see how Max figures on those that crave power are suddenly not going to crave power anymore?

Again, I ask, what are you smoking?

There have been certain folks from the beginning of time whom have craved power.  Always.  And Cameron just the other day referred to huge amount of refugees to the UK as….swarms.  Yep.  Cameron, whom has instituted austerity for the unwashed masses, now refers to those without a home nor income as insects.

The power hungry are not going away.  And the only way to keep them in check is what we use to have in America — Glass-Steagall to keep bankers in check; Fairness Doctrine to keep the press on an even keel so that the public is informed and can make intelligent decisions affecting their society; The Sherman antitrust law to keep corporations from becoming Too Big To Fail….and on…

It was when these laws were weakened or ignored (Sherman) that the fit hit the shan, and our country began to concentrate the resources and money into the hands of a few.

Next Stacy talks about technology eliminating jobs.  Who allowed this to happen?  Who has promoted technology as progress instead of the true nature of regress?  Who has put profits over people and replaced workers with robots?

It’s not like we didn’t see this coming.  We, the tail end of the Boomers, were being told this in the 70s.  But, of course, it was couched in “happy terms” where computers and such were going to make our lives sooo much easier…we would be spending days on the beach….tralalalala.  I actually remember bits of one of those “informational” videos they showed us where the white woman homeowner was using a microwave and using a computer screen to order groceries….and yes, they showed her on a beach, enjoying herself.  Aaaaaagh.

Stacy makes the point that we have this technology that replaces workers…who do not have money to buy the products the robot makes because the robot has replaced their job/income.

Next Max leaps into religion. Oy.  He claims that mono-theism is dead.  (Having one God).  He asserts that the group will be deciding the ethics/norms.  It sounds like communism, to me.  We know that it does not work.  As I said before, there are always those members of society that crave power.  They want to run the show, whether they are qualified or not.  And their craving for power — that hole within — never gets filled up.  If they get a little power, they want more and more and more.

The patent thing and intellectual property – the problem with dismissing the availability of information and the rapid speed of obtaining it — is that if someone reads articles/books and then posts blogs, such as I do, is that not worth something?

Did journalist Paul Mason get paid for his work?  Of course he did.  But I do not, even though I may spend four hours or more reading and then writing a blog.

The bitcoin aspect has a glaring omission:  the poor.  The poor will not be able to be a part of the system because they have no capital to start with, and they will not have ready access to computers or the internet.

Information is power (I believe James Madison or Jefferson said that).  And to say that the corporations that have information are somehow going to give up that power is nonsense.

How many people know that Linux is a free system?  Not I.  And it is only available to people who can afford to pay for internet service and have a computer built for them which has the Linux system installed.  Most computers do not have that, thanks to Bill Gates and Microsoft creating illegal agreements with manufacturers NOT to allow the competitors’ systems on any mass produced computers.  Microsoft was able to amass billions of dollars in profits.  Gates could not beat the competition by having a better product, so he cheated by ensuring the better systems, such as Linux, would be shut out.  This is not capitalism, by the way, which is supposed to be achieved by encouraging competition so that the best products make it to market.

It is important to note that Stacy is quoting from The Guardian, which has sold its soul to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation by accepting donations…and with Gates supporting Max Keiser’s bitcoin, everything asserted on this show should be met with skepticism.

Max asserts that wikipedia editors have status because of their work.

Wikipedia editors cannot take “status” to the bank.  Sorry. Not buying Max’s assertion that is a currency.  If I can’t hold it in my hand, it is not REAL.

It also goes down that slippery slope of bitcoin deciding what is worthy.  Who decides what is valuable?  Max?  Stacy? Who?

They talk about how feudalism has gone away…but not really…so that assertion that these other “outdated” economic models have gone away doesn’t make any sense.  They haven’t gone away.  It’s just that, in my view, the newer models became what most folks used, and the powers-that-be like to portray them as doing away with the older models, when they have pushed the others out on the margins, but not completely eliminated them.

Some people still use bartering as a system of trade.

Another example, I understand that Bologna, Italy is a communist community and apparently they get along just fine.  There are pockets of communist communities around the U.S. and people are free to join or not.  But their way is not for everyone.  I enjoy my individuality/spirituality, and communism is set up to take that expression of oneself away.  Most Americans feel the same way.  But again, not all.

I don’t think there is a system for one-size-fits-all.  Just as we will never agree on a religion, we will never agree on any one economic system.  Accepting others’ choices is paramount to getting along.  Wanting to control others through economics is not.

Stacy goes on to quote a NY Times article that says the days of our parents where they went to work to earn a living are on their way out.  “Success will be measured in achievements.”  “You need to build up your reputation…you need to be the captain.”

Meritocracy.  Where you have to prove that you deserve to live by what you contribute to society.


1. What about disabled people?  What about the elderly?  What about children? They are in groups that will not be able to contribute much, if at all.  This theory is especially bad for the disabled and elderly and not so bright.

What about folks like me who were terribly ill from undiagnosed heavy metal poisoning and suffering chronic fatigue and migraines?   I could not have done anything for anyone at one point.  I was just surviving from day to day.  By this system, I could not justify my place on Earth.

2.  How can you prove your worth when there can only be one captain?  The competition of this scenario leaves a bad taste in my mouth…smacks of “survivor”.  I knew there was some reason this crap was being broadcast to the masses…

Max asserts that energy will be “free”.  Not even with solar energy is it totally free — one must purchase batteries to store the energy for the days when the sun is blocked by clouds/geoengineering.  One must purchase solar panels.  And one needs a freaking house to attach them to.

Which brings up another point…Bill Gates is pushing geoengineering and they can spray so heavily that there is a thick layer of “clouds” blocking the sun.  They could keep this up for a month, as far as I have seen.  I could absolutely see that as a tool by the one percent to make people pay to keep them from blocking the sun.

And as far as getting rid of the ego — some of the Native American tribes already subscribe to this.  They see being humble as a virtue.  And if one member of a tribe acquires wealth, they have what they call as a give-away.  They put their things out on blankets or such, and the poor ones take a few items home.

They also practice that with food — never taking more than they need and being grateful for what they have.  The name for the whites – wasicu – means “one who takes the fat” because the first white man who entered a Native American village asked for food.  They offered him meat from a deer recently killed.  He took the meat with the fat, which the Natives reserved for the elderly and the little children.

Max’s point of view is coming from a man, of course.  The articles quoted in this piece are also coming from men.  The sexual conquest thing comes from men, not women.  And I think some men have evolved from that…notice I said “some”.

**edited to add:  I get that Max is saying that men want bling to attract women. Pretty women.  Because some women judge a man by his wallet.  But not all women do that.  Again, it is seeing through the eyes of people who are in to money…and how they view the entire world through money and its power.  Wall St. is full of people like that.  But, believe it or not, there are folks who have a deeper spirituality and deeper appreciation of the simple life who don’t chase the dollar…or bitcoin…or whatever.

What we ought to do is divide the United States into halves.  One half can be for people who love money, and the other half is for people who love humanity and nature.

…and I would bet my last dime that within 20 years, the half with money would be seeking out the half without money…because they would see that they were content.

A glaring omission is the women’s point of view in this discussion.  It’s only when women, minorities, the elderly, and disabled are involved in the decision making can we truly make something that works.  And again, there is no one-size-fits-all economic system.  Perhaps we should have pockets of groups who like certain systems that make them happy?

And the Lloyd Blankfeins of the world are not going to just suddenly go away…but I repeat myself.

Here’s the video:


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