Legally Kidnapped: Child Protective Services’ kidnap-for-profit

I have to tell you that the evil I’ve seen over the past couple of months has been so disheartening, I wonder if we’ve gone past the point of no return….or perhaps I should say the point of no redemption….

And, again, I have to go to media outside the United States to get stories like this:

Did you catch the chilling part of them NOT GIVING VACCINES TO THEIR CHILDREN as reason to take them away??

I’ve seen several openings…for the Dept. of Child Services  and tellingly, I’ve seen the exact same position in a certain county for Department of Child Services for Indiana.  It’s like every six months (if that long)

We have had a history of unaccountability in this state — with Mitch Daniels slashing DCS positions that created unworkable caseloads for the social workers, which resulted in children dying at the hands of their abusive parents. Stories here on the privatization of social services…it backs up the allegations of the video report about for-profit social agencies, including Child Protective Services.  These psychopaths have no business running governments.

In Honor of My Dad…and all the medical rebels who want to heal, not profit… **edited

When I was a young girl sometimes my Dad, a physician, took me on housecalls to see patients (he saw patients at home, like doctors used to do, until the 80s when they pushed against the practice).

I usually waited in the car or if we were social friends, I would play with the other kids.

In the 70s, Dad had taken me to a patient’s house and explained that the man had cancer.  He was treating him with Laetrile, a medicine from apricot pits.  He told me that I must not say anything to anyone, as it was against the law to do this, and Dad could lose his license to practice medicine.

I never spoke a word of it publicly until now.

He was a healer until medicine became Big Business, thanks to Nixon.  Richard Nixon had thought it was a great idea to start profiting off of people’s health issues.  He turned a once healing profession into a for-profit disaster.

And the man my Dad treated had shown positive results.  I remember my Dad telling me that his tumor had vanished.  But alas, he developed cancer somewhere else in the body and died.  I remember being sad when he told me.  Since Laetrile has been shown to stop the spread of cancer, I presume that my Dad had quit treatment of it too soon.  Without guidance by research, he would not know the perimeters.

So…I wanted to re-explore the laetrile fiasco and found some interesting information.  It is absolutely stunning how much this relates to the vaccination faux “science” and how Sloan-Kettering buried an inexpensive cancer treatment, as you will see in the videos.

Here is an informational website with all kinds of information.  Please be aware that I am not advocating any of this — I have not tried the things recommended on this site.  I am not a calcified medical professional.  I encourage you to do your own research and make up your own mind as to what, if any, treatment you or loved ones pursue.  Prayer helps, too. 🙂

Cancer Tutor

Second Opinion:  Sloan Kettering cover up:  Ralph Moss was a PR person for Sloan Kettering when he saw first hand their cover up of promising data regarding Laetrile.  He was fired after exposing their moral delinquency.  A person after my own heart…this is exactly why I left the Indiana Dept of Health — although there were good folks there –it had been infiltrated by Dept of Hysterical Security personnel whom I  knew were going to expect me to mislead the American public and tell them lies like I see so many of the Big Pharma media doing now.  I’m proud that I walked away, although it was a dream job and paid very well…I could not do it in good conscience.  And if I had stayed, I could have kept my house.

An informative page here with a timeline of Big Pharma’s growing power and moral delinquency in burying information they did not want the public to know.  The vaccine whistleblower Dr. Thompson exposed them for the continuing and criminal suppression of data that does not fit their profit expectations.

They say that Laetrile does not cure cancer, but it stops the spread of it.  This is HUGE because metastasizing cancer is the death knell.

When I look back, I see how my Dad was before Nixon’s immoral adoption of for-profit medicine, and how he was after it began to really take hold– say around the early 80s when Reagan came into power and did away with the Fairness Doctrine so that Big Pharma could eventually take over the media.  It’s sooo much easier to misinform people when you control the news by buying all that commercial air time.  **and I wanted to add:  Clinton concentrated the media ownership so that the Press has now become one of the Too Big Too Fails.  You get very little exposure to information that the media conglomerates don’t want you to see.  Before, we had a marketplace of ideas that served us very well.  It was much harder for the cockroaches to hide once another press outlet exposed them.

Even my Dad started to go along with whatever *They* told the medical profession.  He went from telling people to use burnt toast and scalded milk for diarrhea to giving them kaopectate, which in my opinion, was more harmful to the body due to being a chemical, instead of natural medicine that he once prescribed.

He was ahead of his time by paying close attention to diet.  If you recall, he would not allow junk food in the house.  And of course, we kids wanted pizza and cokes and fast food like everybody else.  Young and stupid.  But Dad was wise and he continued to eat an apple a day until he passed…unfortunately, he was not into fresh food as he should — he ate too much from cans (because it was cheaper).  A coworker, whose relative worked as a chemist for a canning company, told me to NEVER eat anything from a can.  I have mostly adopted that idea, with occasionally eating canned tomatoes in chili when fresh was not available.

I’ve also come across another cancer treatment with the news of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez’ sudden heart attack (along with Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet and Dr. Sievers—doctors that treated patients with natural methods dying).  Dr. Gonzalez had treated patients with coffee enemas, along with juicing.  

Gonzalez emphasized that having juicing without the coffee enemas, or vice versa, would not help folks.  They had to use both to enable the liver to flush out the toxins and the juicing to nourish the body and get the toxins to the liver.   **It is IMPORTANT that if you do a coffee enema, you lie on your right side.  This will prevent the coffee from going into the small intestine, where it will be absorbed into the blood stream, giving you a caffeine rush. **

Again, I am not a calcified medical professional.  This is for informational purposes only.  Do your own research and draw your own conclusions about what is best for you.

It is really ridiculous that I have to say that — Nixon and Big Pharma for you — trying to block an exchange of ideas and information by making it sound like you are prescribing schtuff when you’re just trying to find the answers.

And the really interesting part about the coffee enemas…they were actually in the Merck manual, a book of reference for physicians, until….wait for it…1972.

Hmmmm….do you suppose this has *anything* to do with Richard Nixon being in office and instituting for-profit medicine?  No, he wouldn’t do that, would he??  /snark

When the President does it, that means that it’s not illegal.

~Richard Nixon, arrogant boob

So…coffee enemas are now being characterized as quackery by quackwatch and by David (?) Gorski.  (Gorski is a Big Pharma toadie that goes around to website quelling any discussion of alternative therapies or anti-vaccines, etc. He often uses the name ORAC.)  Yep.  They have been used as treatments for centuries….and suddenly they become ineffective when Big Pharma and Big Medicine come into being.

God Bless the healers who help people instead of hurting them.

What you didn’t hear on the nooz….US Court rules in favor of contractor driven NSA

Again…it is really sad that I had to go outside the United States media to get this:

What judge would say that usurping the Constitution is okay??  Did they not read the Constitution in law school?  Only the chicken littles say that this is okay.  As the MI5 agent brought up, having the intelligence DID NOT prevent 9/11.  So the assertion that Congress, and the Military Industrial Complex will stop another terrorist attack by the intel is bullsh*t.  They have such a volume of information that they cannot possibly get through it all.

And the chicken littles who assert that they “have nothing to hide, so the Military Industrial Complex can spy on them all they want…”  keep in mind that the Nazis threw good people into gas chambers.  People who were not committing crimes.  People who were good souls minding their own business….

Now are you still so smug?

“It’s definitely going down” says Grand Chief Stewart Phillip on Unist’ot’en Camp raid

It’s really telling when they say that the energy companies and the unistoten are in some sort of discussion. From everything I have read, they are NOT in discussions with them and as this article states — they have visited the unistoten camp over 90 times…trying to intimidate and harass them.

Warrior Publications

Unist'tot'en camp members stop surveyors, November 2012. Unist’tot’en camp members stop surveyors, November 2012.

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs says RCMP officers have booked up hotel rooms in Burns Lake and Smithers, a firm indication of plans to invade the Unist’ot’en Camp in northwestern B.C.

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B.C. RCMP claims it has “no intention” of moving against Unist’ot’en camp

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What to believe? Greedy teachers, a successful budget director, a warped news account, threat of a shutdown

Reclaim Reform

Teacher pensions are bankrupting a state, the $30,000 per month budget consultant successfully saved the state, the legislature and governor still have no spending plan, the governor praised the consultant’s brilliant success, the consultant suddenly quits in triumph, the state faces a shut down by the governor for lack of budget funding – all in the same article in the Tribune.

Donna Arduin

This is not, unfortunately, a TV soap opera.

This what happens when corporate media propaganda disguises itself as news, as honest journalism.

This causes cognitive dissonance which causes stress and can lead to destructive behavior and damage to an individual’s mental health. On a mass delusional level, this can destroy a country’s ability to tell the difference between image and reality.

From the Chicago Tribune:
“(Illinois) Gov. Bruce Rauner’s “superstar” (Donna Arduin) $30,000-a-month budget consultant is leaving the administration as a stalemated state government continues without a spending…

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Chris Hedges eulogy for a truly Christian friend…

All is not lost, my friends, although I certainly feel that the Dark ones are winning the spiritual war….

Rev. Burke sounds like he truly embraced what being a Christian means…modeling behavior after Jesus’ example. (And Mother Mary, Father Joseph, and Mary Magdalene, for that matter).  Only God knows how many lives he influenced and how many he inspired to also take a cue from Jesus.

And I have to say that I don’t understand Chris Hedges’ love for boxing…as it does not jive with being a minister, in my opinion.  Wanting to hurt another is not how I picture Jesus.  And this is coming from someone who used to watch boxing in my young and stupid days of youth.  One day I realized that hurting another for money and to ENTERTAIN others was not right.

It’s barbaric.

So, yeah, I don’t get that.

And it also bothers me that although Hedges has mouthed words in support of women, I see no women authors (except Dickinson) among those he listed.  I also watched a video of he and Cornel West talking about women, but not including women.

The Native Americans believe that women are closer to God because of our ability to give life….and yet time and again, we have been left out of the conversation…out of governance…out of view…

Grassy Narrows First Nation declares emergency over bad water

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Graphic: APTN Graphic: APTN

Uranium, potential cancer-causing agents found in samples, First Nation says

CBC News, Aug 27, 2015

Grassy Narrows First Nation in northern Ontario is declaring a state of emergency on Thursday because no safe drinking water is available in the community.

The First Nation, also known as Asubpeechoseewagong, has been under a boil water advisory for more than a year, but new concerns are emerging about the extent and longevity of the problems.

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New Orleans Recovery School District, ACT Outcomes, and Falling Through the Cracks

deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

This post includes information on Louisiana’s Class of 2015 ACT scoring outcomes and is chiefly focused upon the Recovery School District (RSD) in New Orleans. It is as much a post about who in RSD is taking as it is about who is not.

According to the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) district enrollment counts for February 2015, Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) enrollment is 13,173, and New Orleans RSD enrollment at 30,448.

In July 2015, Jessica Williams of published information about the Louisiana’s Class of 2015 district ACT composite scores. In that article, Williams included a search engine for ACT composites related to schools and districts. Specifically, Williams’ search engine allows one to look up some schools/districts to see 1) the number of seniors who took the ACT, 2) the percentage of those seniors who scored at or above 20 on the ACT, and 3) the percentage of…

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