Gulf War Syndrome and its relation to today’s forced vaccination push

Okay, this is not a happy post, and it’s pretty hurtful to the soul.  However, I really think that what George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney have done during their reign of terror (now there’s mindplay for ya) is horribly impacting us today.  And they’re just the players that we know of — those pulling the strings behind the scenes are even more dark, if that is possible.

And these links and posts are confirming the use of vaccines as a way to destroy immune systems…and ultimately, destroy men, women, and children.

First, I’ll start with the quacks calling “Gulf War Syndrome” a disease concocted by quacks.

A guy calling himself “Dr.” Stephen Barrett, who runs the website “quackwatch” is himself an unlicensed psychiatrist. Imagine that!  I am familiar with this creep because he has also done the dental and mercury industry’s bidding by calling mercury poisoning through dental amalgams “quackery”.  Now we see him calling the vets with very real disease manifestations as making things up.

Another website for veterans here, validates the Gulf War Syndrome, but at the time this was published, they did not know that HIV inserted in mycoplasmas was the cause, as Dr. Garth Nicolson explains:

And I want to make an emphatic point here…just because you may not zero in on the actual cause, does not mean you have no case.  You may know instinctively that something is terribly wrong, but not know the root cause.  This is where I say believe your instincts!

You have to be open minded that your initial thoughts or guesses as to what happened are not the truth, but trust your gut that something is wrong…and continue to seek out information to confirm your view or change your view according to the information.

You also need to examine your emotional state — is what you’re hearing creating heightened fear?  If so, why?  Is what you’re hearing tugging on your emotions, such as tender feelings or making you really angry?  If so, why?  If something mainstream media (or any person)  shows you creates intense emotions, you always need to take a step back and examine them.  Give yourself some time to let the emotions die down a bit and then see why they are heightened.  This is a main component of manipulation. That is why you need to examine them.

{A side note here:  MSNBC has announced they are getting rid of two of their best — Alex Wagner and Ed Schultz.  I had my issues with Ed because of the slam of the entire state of Indiana because of our idiot governor and the neocons making a law that we all did not necessarily agree with.  The guy they interviewed on the Ed Show portrayed us all as lazy good-for-nothings that wanted free stuff.  Obama even got in on it and made us a point of ridicule at the Press dinner.  Otherwise, I liked Ed a lot.  We both were actively fighting Keystone.  Which, by the way, Canada’s Stephen Harper announced the other day that Keystone WILL BE BUILT.  If not by this president, by the next administration.  He lied and said the majority of the American public was for it.  He also repeated the lie that we need it built to get off our dependence of foreign oil, but it is not for America.  It is going to China. We would endure the very real danger of an oil spill into precious aquifers. Anyhoo, I used to watch Alex Wagner until they changed her time slot, and then I fell out of sync.  But then MSNBC announced that Chuck Todd will be given a prime slot.  Chuck Todd was on the nightly nooz the other night repeating the corporate media’s mantra that Ralph Nader was the 2000 spoiler, and Al Gore would have won the presidency if it weren’t for Ralph, because those votes would have gone to Gore.  This is a false fairy tale and it shows how Chuck Todd is not a journalist, but a talking head who will act as puppet to the corporate media. Don’t believe anything this guy says.  And by the way, if they are mentioning Ralph Nader, he must be gaining some support to run for president again…they must be worried.  heh.)

Okay, sorry for the digression…

Next we have Bill Clinton also giving experimental drugs/vaccines to soldiers and giving the Pharma Gestapo free reign.


Pyridostigmine bromide tablets were given to Desert Storm troops as pre-treatment for possible exposure to the nerve agent soman that Iraqi troops had in their arsenal, Turner said.


You know why the Iraqis had the nerve agent?  Because we gave it to Saddam Hussein when we liked him and he was doing what he was told.  If there were anything that highlighted “what goes around comes around”, this would be it.


“As I understand it, the intent is to tighten the restrictions against the government using experimental drugs,” [U.S. Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham, R-Escondido] said. “That could be good. … I want our troops going into combat being protected against chemical or germ or nuclear agents.”


Okay, the words “tighten restrictions” doesn’t make any sense when he asserts that he wants the troops to be protected against chemical or germ or nuclear agents by giving them experimental drugs.  They supposedly were giving them less regulations in regards to experimental drugs, so this sentence is incoherent.


VonKleist said veterans who believe their maladies have been caused by unlicensed tablets and vaccine have the burden of proof in proving the link from being exposed to chemical agents in Iraq or Kuwait, to having an illness from service there. The veterans’ task of proving their beliefs is difficult, vonKleist said, because the Department of Defense did a poor job of maintaining medical records for the administration of unlicensed drugs while refusing to give veterans their medical records.


Refusing to give medical records seems to be the real reason that they enacted HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)…but at the same time they want your medical records to be electronically available to anyone who wants to see them anywhere in the country.  This will be by authorized personnel, you see…NSA, DHS, FBI, CIA…you, however, will not be able to see your own medical records.  I’m not joking about this — I had to sign a form in Fort Wayne when I wanted medical treatment that DHS would have access to my medical records.  I kid you not.  But people who have asked for their medical records…THEIR MEDICAL RECORDS….have been given a hard time with stiff resistance to turning them over.

And this page explores the Anthrax vaccine.  A really good piece and now we can see how he was spot on with his assertions…

I cannot believe that Bill and Hillary Clinton got away with calling themselves progressives for so long…

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