Another doctor speaks out against vaccination…and 21st Century Care Act gives Pharma no accountability

…and the doc has his license threatened.  Thankfully, the board saw no justification for taking his license away.

I’d like to know who the 38 chicken littles who demanded he lose his license are.  Were they paid to wage this nonsense?  Are they the brainwashed sheeple who never question authority?

Quoted in the article:

In Jan 2015, Elizabeth Cohen at CNN covered Wolfson in, Arizona measles exposure worries mom of at-risk kids.   The video interview showed that she has no understanding of the risks associated with vaccination.

Elizabeth Cohen to Dr. Wolfson: “Could you live with yourself if your child got another child sick, I mean really sick.  Had complications, even death?  Could you live with yourself if that happened?” 

(Of course what Cohen doesn’t understand is the fact that there are lots of parents who have to live with the fact that they took their child in for multi-doses of routine vaccinations and they were never the same again.  That possibility doesn’t exist for Cohen.

To her, parents who don’t vaccinate are wrong, selfish and putting everyone else’s child in danger.)


This should make you question anything CNN says.  They are bought and paid for by Big Pharma, along with the rest of mainstream media.  Again…do your own research.  Get opposing views from well-reasoned sources.  It’s your best defense against being brainwashed by the mainstream media.

Cohen tries the guilt tactic.  Very popular tool nowadays.  I wonder if she could live with herself if her child became horribly ill and even died from a vaccine?

Clicking on the newspaper’s link is this important quote:

Thirty-eight people filed formal complaints, and many more called the board to informally voice concern about Wolfson’s anti-vaccine evangelism. However, the board noted, no one has filed any complaints about the Scottsdale cardiologist’s “actual medical care.”


This is really disturbing in that he was being brought before the board…for expressing an opinion.  It was not against his medical care, but that they disagreed with what he was saying.

This combined with the previous post on Valentina Lisitsa…our freedom of speech is being seriously threatened.  We have a right to speak our opinions.

This from the comments section:

Unfortunately … as encouraging it was to read the Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners ruled 4 to 1 that Dr. Jack Wolfson can keep his license after “publicly denouncing vaccines” .. the industry cartel non-the-less succeeded in sending a loud and clear message warning other “doctors thinking of speaking the truth” will face the same unsettling consequences .. the very real possibility of losing their license to practice medicine.

Indeed . if this powerful vaccine cartel continues to grow and become ever more powerful politically .. our “right to free speech” will go down the drain alongside our “right to informed consent” .. as well as our “right to appeal a Vaccine Court decree in State or Federal Courts”

You can rest assured the cartel has taken note of the 4 members who voted in favor of Dr. Wolfson’s “right to free speech”. You can also rest assured the cartel will make every effort to replace these 4 individuals .. using whatever means they deem necessary.

Tyranny .. whether military or medical .. is tyranny none-the-less.


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