Campbell Brown continues to undermine public education…

Leave it to Yahoo Nooz to feature Campbell Brown as a Saint who only wants what’s best for the nation’s kids.  Boy, can she lay it on thick.

Story here:  http://www.             -and-nbc-journalist-campbell-brown-in-125200486656.html

Let’s take this apart, shall we?

John Ward writes:

Brown’s defenders, like New York magazine writer Jonathan Chait, have argued that reform leaders like Brown — and before her, former D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee — have come under intense personal criticism from the pro-union left because labor has wanted to avoid fighting President Obama, who has empowered Education Secretary Arne Duncan to push a number of initiatives the unions don’t like.


Brown is NOT a reformer.  There was nothing to reform!  Failing schools is a self-created concept of the education profiteers who want to destroy the public education and implement corporate indoctrination, a la the Nazis and eugenics crowd.

Michelle Rhee is a sociopath who put duct tape across the mouths of the children, and then laughed when their lips started to bleed after the tape was removed, and as the link shows, she enjoyed humiliating people….firing people (who were probably better qualified than she) was a sport for her, as she gleefully tells her she’s fired.

“Pro-Union Left” — um, yeah, there are folks on both sides of the political field who are fighting against the privatization of our schools.  Ward is trying to make this a right/left issue when it is not.  He also tries to make this about unions, which totally ignores the concerned parents and general public also fighting against this.

More from the link:

Yahoo News: What are you trying to achieve with this, and what is it — is it news or advocacy?

Campbell Brown: I believe it’s a news site.


Proof right there that Campbell Brown doesn’t know the difference between news and one’s opinions.  And she calls herself a journalist.  What a joke.


Ward:  …because rather than having Republicans focus on reform and choice, the right is largely focused on opposing something which is kind of the fever swamp.

Brown: Agree with that, yeah.


Ward betrays himself with the words: “the right is largely focused on opposing something…”  He previously stated that it was the left who loved unions that was opposing Common Core…but here he pretty much admits that the right is also opposing it in a big way.

Ward:  …the anti-Common Core energy on the left is also something that helps the unions, because there’s no emphasis on testing and standards and accountability.


This is insulting beyond words.  Teachers are no different than anyone else in wanting a good paying job and wanting to protect that job, but to say that is the only reason they are objecting to Common Core and the draconian NCLB is a flat out lie.  Many, many teachers have quit their jobs because they could not stand to see what the testing, testing, testing was doing to kids and the dumbing down of the children to adapt to NCLB.  They were teaching to the test instead of educating the children.

Brown goes on to be very patronizing in answer to the question “Can you offer anything on Common Core?”  She asserts that parents are too dumb to understand how brilliant she and Common Core are…and she just has to explain it to them by convoluting her answers so that parents will be even more confused and feel too self-conscious to ask her to clarify the answers.

Brown:  What we want to do with Common Core is explain it. Just put honesty and truth back into the debate,



Well, that would be refreshing coming from the profiteers…oh, wait, she means that the teachers and parents against NCLB and Common Core have been dishonest and untruthful…?  Hmmm…interesting how the neocons/neolibs are always doing the very thing they accuse others of doing…

Brown:  But as states individually begin to work through these problems and address them at the legislative level, the problem goes away. It’s smoothing out. The controversy’s dying down.


No, the problem is NOT going away.  The controversy is NOT dying down, or Brown and her cohorts would not feel the need to put up a website to manipulate parents and the public with twisted logic.

Brown:  There’s been a big fight between Bobby Jindal, who’s running for president, and the state superintendent, John White, over Common Core implementation. I think most people would argue that John has done a pretty good job of implementing it, and that Common Core implementation has gone better in Louisiana than it has in a lot of other places.


Things have not gone well in Louisiana.  John White was altering test scores.

There are more posts on Louisiana and the manipulations by the powers that be to keep the truth from the public and parents about the failing charters.

My posts on Campbell Brown:

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