Brevard County School Board: $4 Million “improperly” paid for “undelivered” delivered software? Investigation needed…

Reclaim Reform

Watch Brevard County School Board members Andy Ziegler and Karen Henderson engage in double-talk about paying $4 million of “improper” payment for undelivered “delivered” software. Ziegler wants to know the definition of “delivered” and then declares it a matter of “perspective.”

Has anyone called Florida’s Attorney General about this?

Here are details and source quotes from a superb summary by Darcey Addo.

Next we heard from two attorneys from Widerman Malek. They were hired to review the CrossPointe contract, the amendments, and the payments.

A summary of their findings include:

  • Millions of dollars of payments were “improper,”
  • Information should have been brought to the School Board by staff when the “contract started going sideways,” and
  • Terms of the contract were not defined before the contract was executed. 

They indicated: “When we receive invoices from Crosspointe/EDR, there should have been a procedure whereby staff ensured that software had been received before initiating…

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