Star-Ledger’s Mulshine asks question, ignores answer, writes column

More on robbing pension funds…you need a different plan to get your money away from these morally bankrupt politicians and their toadies.


Anyone who wantsmore evidence of theStar-Ledgerop-ed page’s general anti-union, anti-public education slant–typically led by editorial board editor Tom Moran–need look no further than today’s column by Paul Mulshine entitled “Assembly Speaker Vince Prieto’s pension plan sounds a lot like Chris Christie’s.”

Mulshine, who tried but was evidently unable to reach Speaker Prieto for comment, says he asked NJEA Director of Communications Steve Wollmer “how the state could come up with the cash to make [the pension]payments” outlined in Prieto’s plan.

Here’s Mulshine’s reporting of Wollmer’s response (emphasis mine):

I asked Wollmer what level of new taxes or spending cuts could make this pig fly, or at least put lipstick on it.

“Everyone talks about the millionaires’ tax,” he said. “That’s $700 million a year.”

Sounds good, but that’s just a fraction of the $4.3 billion annual payment recommended by actuaries.

Other than that, Wollmer couldn’t come up…

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