Pension “Overhaul” Declared Unconstitutional (Actually, pension pillage was declared unconstitutional.)

Reclaim Reform

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) tried to cut pensions for those greedy, nasty, lazy, and overpaid nurses and other public employees. Demonizing public employees is day-to-day business for Rahm and the rich boys who finance him.

Rahm’s personal friend and venture fund investment cohort, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rahner (R), is still going to try to cut pensions on a state level.

Pension overhaul. Overhaul? Pillage and theft are more accurate terms.

Rauner EmanuelOf course the Illinois Supreme Court has unanimously declared that state employee pension cuts are unconstitutional. That doesn’t seem to matter to these two power mongering sociopaths. However, today yet another judge declared Rahm’s present attempt unconstitutional. Both sets, city and state, of highly paid legal firms will continue to receive big bucks to pursue whatever those two politicos pay them tax dollars to pursue.

What happened today?

“A Cook County judge has thrown out the Emanuel (D) administration’s…

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