No, you’re not paranoid…and you’re guilty until proven innocent…

You know, pre- 9/11/01, I would not have believed a story like this.  Making a profile of kindergartners? Are you freaking kidding me?!

Holy crap, the Defense dept has utterly gone berserk.

And yes, I believe this story.  I know they have gone waaaay over the edge of reason when they are surveilling innocent Americans.  And I mean watching their every freaking move!

So now they are afraid of kindergartners….little ones whose biggest worry is what are we having for lunch and when they get to finger paint.  Oh, wait…they don’t get that much time for art class…gotta make them do science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  Computer class is on a daily basis while art class is relegated to 30 min. a week.  If they’re lucky.

So your little one will be labeled a criminal while quite young, before they even know right from wrong.   And they perhaps might start out badly, but as they develop empathy, realize their bad behavior is not the way to be.  This is so wrong on so many levels.


Colleges nationwide are using ‘Campus Teams’ to give their students sexual threat assessments, there is a “Legal Compliance and Sexual Violence Prevention Training” being held in Boston this July 27, 28th.


“This training will address the critical intersection between compliance with federal laws to address sexual and intimate partner violence, and the role that threat assessment can play in effectively addressing these issues.”


Riiiiight.  And who is going to be the gatekeeper?  Federal agents who don’t know boundaries themselves??  They are going to be judge and jury when they don’t respect another’s privacy and violate the Fourth Amendment?


Whether or not this system can actually prevent crime remains unproven, but its ability to tarnish the record of individuals and place entire populations under preemptive suspicion is certain… and likely dangerous.


This is not about keeping our society free of crime.  This is about power and control.

And it gives them absolute power.  And we all know that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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