Enzyme Therapy as treatment for Cancer

It’s really incredible how much the calcified medical establishment goes against nutrition as a cure for disease…

As early as the 1900’s, they were dismissing intelligent theories of using enzymes for treatment of cancer.

Here’s a paper discussing that history and the successes these physicians have had treating cancer with enzymes and good food.

This goes along with the two folks whom have fought Stage IV cancer by eating organic food and juicing.  But Big Pharma and the medical profession cannot make the big buck$$$ by advocating good food and enzymes, so you will never, ever, ever hear it from the profit-driven medical establishment.  Criminal.

This is another good reason to throw out that dreadful machine, the microwave.  It destroys enzymes.  That is why you can sterilize stuff in there — it completely destroys all bacteria, and all life.  Not to mention exposing you to small doses of radiation over a lifetime.


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