Chevron officials kicked out of Unist’ot’en

This is flat out harassment by Chevron. How many times do they have to say “NO!” to them trespassing on their land? No means no means no.
They figure they will wear them down. Or find a vulnerability and exploit it.
Can you believe they brought bottled water in horrible plastic bottles…? Totally clueless on that environmental impact.

Warrior Publications

July 25, 2015 via Submedia

Yesterday Chevron, the company behind the Pacific Trails fracking pipeline, attempted to enter our unceded territories. They have no consent from our chiefs and our hereditary governance system, who are standing strong in their stance against all pipelines. Next to the Wedzin Kwah river, which is pure enough to drink from, Chevron presented us with an offering of bottled water and industrial tobacco.

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