Target stores objectify women with offensive T-Shirt

You know, humor can heal. It can help us cope with the trials of every day life.
And it can also destroy someone’s esteem.
Target is trying to play down the objectification of women by these T-Shirts that have “Trophy” across them–saying that they’re just joking  and people shouldn’t take them too seriously.  If I had a dime….


noun tro·phy \ˈtrō-fē\

: an object (such as a large cup or sculpture) that is given as a prize for winning a competition

: something that you keep or take to show that you were successful in hunting, war, etc.



A trophy is something that doesn’t have a brain.  It doesn’t talk.  It sits on a shelf until you take it out to show it off….boasting of your ability to have such a trophy.

And then you put it back on a shelf again….


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