Rebecca’s letter to new #TeachForAmerica recruits #NN15

A brave post by someone who has been there. Everything we have been yelling about is now coming out in the open. Just like the Nazis, public education is being destroyed and replaced with corporate indoctrination…where the poor and disabled are seen as undesirables, just like in Nazi Germany…can eugenics be far behind…?

Cloaking Inequity

I received this open letter unsolicited from a Teach For America alum. She was assigned to teach special education in California in 2013. After her letter, I have also included a clip at the end from the Network for Public Education’s new series Truth For America.

Dear SPED TFA Corps Members 2015,

Congratulations! You’ve survived TFA Summer Institute. Those broken down moments, sleepless nights, dealing with exhaustion, anxiety moments are finally over. No more lesson planning for another month or so. I know you may be anxious to start, especially to receive the class list.

Yet, I suspect there is a part of you that also feels like something just doesn’t feel right. Perhaps, its because you never really taught a class more than 10 students on your own without any supervision. Or maybe, it could be knowing that the summer session students did not have an IEP. Or maybe, you…

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