I think I’m going to be sick…Vulture capitalists swoop in on Greece…

First, I want to apologize to the Greeks for my fellow Americans who are now greedily taking your country apart…like a bunch of vultures.  Actually, that’s not fair to vultures because they actually do a service by cleaning up nature’s messes….

…these lizards masquerading as humans created the situation they are now gorging on…it makes me sick.  Celebrities like Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie want to portray themselves as progressives…worried about caged chickens and adopting orphans…while they participate in feasting on a democracy…give me a freaking break.  This is exactly why I don’t call myself a progressive anymore.  Too many phonies.

When Max mentions “paying pennies on the dollar…”  it made me angry.  This is exactly what happened with my debt — the vultures paid pennies for my debt and then wanted to get all of it.  When in court, I asked them how much they paid for the debt.  Before the creep could answer, the judge interjected and answered for him, saying that I did not have a right to that information.  This was the same judge that had a good chunk of the testimony off the record and had ordered my wages garnished while I was making $200 per month.


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